NYE Countdown: Festive Outfits

8:14 PM

The big question is here. What will I wear in the New Years Eve? I know you think about  aaall the pieces of your wardrobe but you cannot find something simple and at the same time fashionable and appropriate for that night. And even when you go go shopping you still can't find something. So this are our suggestions for your NYE parties!

 Little Black Dress
The black dress is always the easy and safe option for New Years Eve parties, dinners etc. If you think that you can't create the perfect outfit, you're wrong. With the right jewellery, shoes and bag you can be the greatest looking girl in the party! You can combine it with your fur or your leather jacket if you want to create a rock outfit! A pair of pumps are necessary. 

Not a simple dress. 
It is New Years Eve and you want your outfit to have an extreme detail. We are with you because this is the day! Go for it! The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you should be be careful in order to achieve harmony to your outfit. Do not overdo it with everything. Try your shoes, bag and makeup to be in natural colors. Avoid the extravagant jewellery. 

Jackets and blazers.
Those pieces can transform your simple outfit into the most fashionable and hot outfit of the party! Copy the look of Julia Robert for Givenchy and you won't loose! Don't be afraid if it is too androgyne; with the perfect accessories your outfit will be the best one of the night! 

Do you want it midy, mini or maxi? Depending on your style your skirt is here to save you. With a simple white top and your leather blazer you will be just perfect! If you skirt has details such as lace or metallics be careful on how you combine the rest of your outfit.

With jumpsuits we trust. It might be the most comfortable but at the same time the most stylish choice for you. You can combine it with your maxi coat or your fur! Ankle-high boots or just your simple black high heels will be perfect for this outfit! Be careful if you choose black because then you should pay attention to the details!

Thanks for reading! 
And a happy New Year!!!! 
...2 days to go!
Stay tuned for more posts the next days!

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