How to style: Swimsuit Edition

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Summer came and I believe you that you want to stay 24/7 with your perfect new swimsuit. I can feel you, this is post is dedicated to the best keys about how to style your swimsuit and that you will be able to wear it, everywhere, from your morning breakfast till your late night cocktail. All you need is your swimsuit and some many -not something extravaganza- piece of clothing. But this is up to you, if you want to make the most glamorous outfit then the accessories and colors are up to you. 

The ultimate denim short

We are have our classic denim short, new one or vintage it doesn't really matter. But I cannot think a summer without my favorite denim short. I suggest this look to be combined with a one-piece swimsuit for a more sexy summery outfit. On the other hand, if you are not this kind of swimsuit time, the new trend of the sport swimsuits are ideal. With tribal or monochrome this is the perfect summery outfit. 

The laced dress

Probably the ultimate trend of the season. This summer it is so easy to find this kind of dresses from the most expensive brand to our favorite high end brands like Forever 21 or Zara. You can tell that is a modern way of a kaftan, but let’s be honest we prefer it much more from one-maybe-boring kaftan. In all types of laces, we prefer them in black or the classic white color. The laced dressed is perfect for your high waisted swimsuit or your one-piece one. 

The one-time-classic kimono

Few years ago kimonos came to our lives and we just loved probably because they are so practically use to be used and combined, plus for their amazing prints and colors. You cannot stop only in one kimono, you probably want to be them all. So, in case you have to many in your closet, they are the ideal your beach/island outfit. Easy combined with all the types of swimsuits plus your pair of denim shorts, in case you want to continue for cocktails in the city of the islands. 

The sport shorts

In case you are a more-kinda athletic type, the sport shorts are here for you. And this season we have a sport/athletic mania. Amazing combo are your monochrome or full printed athletic swimsuits for obvious reasons. So, enjoy your beach look with an intensive workout always in style. 

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Photo source: Pinterest 

Written by Nef Petropoulou, Chromantics Fashion Editor

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