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Forca Italia and this is our moto for the next couple of days because Milan Fashion Week is here and we are so excited for two reasons. Number 1 because we are in the middle of the fashion coverage (Yeah) and Number 2 because we are in love with Milan. So stay tuned because again for this week we will have daily posts about every Milan Fashion Day. If you have missed the first day of it, you can have a look here:

Here we go with Day 2 of Milan Fashion Week then! A lot of exciting and popular among the people, fashion houses were presenting on the 2nd day, with the first of them being Max Mara. Although both the Rio Olympics and Paralympics Games are over, the brand decided to remind it to us once again. The actual influence was Lina Bo Bardi, an Italian-born architect and an athletic vibe collection strutted down the runway with jumpsuits.
Parrots and junlges were few of the prints on athleisure techno fabrics. A hint of beige linen walked down the runway but it wasn't enough for the brand that has a signature with its trench coat. We would have loved to see the chic Milanese office woman wear that they are very good to make. We hope that at least we will get to see those pieces on the stores though.
Onto the next fairy tale. Oops no we meant to say designer! The collection of Luisa Beccaria was called "The Nymph Affair", not in a bad way of course! Anything with a touch of romance gets our attention and this collection couldn't escape us with those airy sheer with flowers shewn into them dresses.
A hopeless romantic like us, the designer got inspired from water lilies and of course nymphs and translated them to floor-sweeping dresses from organza and tulle. As much as we like to be princesses to our fairy tales, we like to touch down to planet Earth once in a while but continue wearing fairy like office wear. There were pieces in the collection that were most wearable on the daily side.We equally love those too!
We all remember the spectacular couture show gave back in July. If you don't take a look here for Fendi's Fontana di Trevi Miracle (models walked on water you don't want to miss that!) This time around the models might didn't walk on the water but they did have sugar glitter lips. Can you imagine that? All those resulted into another successful quirky collection.
Some elements like baroque elements with sporty knitted socks on the first sight didn't add up but you have to trust the genius called Karl Largefeld. A master of puzzling together decades. Which he did it again this time around, matching a khaki jacket that had leather flower embroidery, a '20s style silk lingerie dress with butterflies on it. Leather, sheer, silk and gilded fabrics all that in one collection. Yes it's Fendi and Karl. They can do anything they want.
Next up, Ports 1961. Stripes, breezy and relaxed silhouettes and bright colours. A sentence that describes summer for the brand. The creative director Natasa Cagalj said "I wanted to communicate the positive feel of summer holidays". We think she nailed it quite a lot.
For the most part the striped pieces that were deconstructed and with sharp cuts,gave us the feeling of the endless lazing around in the house during the summer. Not in the bad way totally not. Pajamas but luxurious ones that you were them and want to stroll on the streets. They weren't the only pieces though. Striped shirts were made into a skirt. The collection worked its way to more sober nd darker hues of blue and black, which were combined on a range of elegant pieces, injected with an urban sophistication. Not a bad combination at all. 
Emilio Pucci is the next designer. Pucci was considered the jet set brand in the 1960s. This time around its creative director Massimo Giorgetti stated " I don't vintage; I like the future". An interesting saying to open the Spring 2017 collection. He did dive deep into the archives of the brand and came up a winner. The route he decided to go with? Modernizing the pieces from the archive.
Kept the prints and returned with the signature colours of the brand. He used colour-blocking to pair them and the result screams Pucci.
Another fighter for the now and the present other than the past is Miuccia Prada and that's what she tried to with the Spring '17 collection for Prada. She stated that instead of searching for the history of woman that she have been doing for quite a while, she wants to focus on the present and the now. With the collection that walked down the runway, she managed to bring the brand back to its root of innovation and recognition.
Deco graphic print from the 20s-30s was present, and a reminder from the 90s with a box knee-length kilt skirt paired with a t shirt. You might ask us what we liked the best in the collection. It comes without thinking or even blinking. The marriage of the beautiful details of ostrich and marabou trimmings that were from the bags to coats with the pastel beige-colour dresses, pajamas. One thing for sure is that we liked the chic yet somewhat revolutionary vibe it brought.
Last dollhouse of the day? Oops! Again our tongue slipped! Not dollhouse but fashion show. We are excused though because the next collection was Moschino with creative director Jeremy Scott unleashing his creativity for the brand. After all the models were dressed with life-size paper doll clothes.
He managed to bring his designs from 3-D and 2-D. It was a Moschino show through and through with big logos on the belts and gowns (yes yes gowns as paper doll clothes). Result? Intense, keeping you fixed on your sit to see what it will come next. How you will dress your paper dolls from Moschino?

Front Row couldn't be missing from this post and we start with the Prada front Row and the Dinner after the show.
Front row Prada

 Prada dinner

Front row Moschino
Last but not least the Fendi Front row

Milan calls for some street style caption and here it is!

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Written by Doxy Pantazi, Chromantics Fashion Editor


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