NYE Countdown: Last-Minute DIY Masks

7:51 PM

It's the last day of the year, 2015 is hours ago (or maybe it's already 2015 in your country) and the only think we want is to "shine bright like diamonds", as our friend (not) Rihanna said once. So in case you're as lazy as we are and you didn't really plan a "2 week beautyfying program" (or even a 2 day one) just for this one night, we got it all sorted out for you; We search, researched and tried out various DIY masks the past few days and we bring to you the best ones you can try the next few hours in order to get your glam face on for this New Years Eve (or all year long really...).

*WARNING: In case you are intolerant or have noticed any kind of allergic reactions to these products in the past we highly suggest you avoid using them or the recipes suggested bellow.*


Cleopatra was known for her milk&honey baths. Since we're not Cleopatra and we can't really get into a tub filled with milk&honey, we decided to try the alternative of a face mask. Use a tablespoon of honey, another one of milk and a teaspoon of olive oil and you have the perfect hydrating mask! Even though this mask is recommended to all skin types (I've tried it myself on my acne prone, combination skin, so I know it's not irritating) I wouldn't suggest it if your skin tends to be really oily or if you have a severe case of acne.

Exfoliation + Hydration

Mix juice from a lemon and a tablespoon of olive oil to create a face mask which combines acidic exfoliation and oil mosturizing properties. If your skin doesn't react well when it comes to acids you can try using 1/4 cup of sugar instead of lemon; Rub gently on your skin and rinse it of, you can either instantly use your normal daily cleanser to get rid of all the oily residue or you can leave the oil for a few minuter to get all the hydrating properties on your skin.

The easiest of them all: The ONE product HAIR MASKS
It's no secret that beer and eggs are really good for your hair. Tonight, before getting into your shower, try pouring a can of beer or a couple egg yolks on your hair. You can combine them as well. In case you use the eggs, rinse multiple times in order to get all the residue and the smell out.

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