Review: Spring/Summer 2014 Trends

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February is here. And it's time for us to talk about spring and summer trends. And no it's not too soon! Sandals and summer dresses are already out there giving us a lighter mood now that spring is right around the corner. So since we have sales here in Greece I thought it was a quite good opportunity to update you on the latest trends!

Well if you watched any runways or if you read any magazines you will see that this season's collection are really influenced by pieces of art.
 I will start with Prada, Chanel and Alexander McQueen. The most representative collection of the art-inspired-movement was Prada. We saw lot of Picaso,mixed up with a bit of expressionism, influenced dresses and bags. Almost everywhere. I think this trend is very sophisticated and unique!

 I will continue with the metallic and gold based collections by Dolce&Gabbana, Tom Ford and Givenchy. Sparkle,sparkle everywhere. Total looks with all kinds of metallics. Tip: If your not sure about going with a total shiny look just invest in one statement piece like a blazer, a t-shirt or a skirt.

Next trend -of course-  is flowers. Can we stand a summer without flowers? Of course we love this trend mostly because it's a staple and it doesn't really go out of fashion, and that means that we can actually keep last season's statement pieces! We saw Oscar De La Renta and Mary Katrantzou supporting this trend. Hint: whilst watching the clothes you can easily think of gardens full of flowers. 

Shorts are here again. YES! We love shorts because you can combine them with everything and create a sophisticated look, yet yound and fresh. You should go for within shorts and add a blazer or a simple shirt. I loved the Balenciaga sporty short and the Michael Kors ones... 

 The skater skirt is a trend that I am not a fan of. Though I liked this season's midi skirts 
(brought to us straight from the 60's). Again we have Michael Kors and Dolce&Gabbana.

Let's stay at the skirt compartement and let's talk about my favourite kind: pencil skirts. We saw them at the Burberry collection and we loved them. Look for a statement skirt with crazy prints and colors. If you want to stay classy and elegant prefer pastel colors. But don't be afraid and try them....

In the end we have jumpsuits. We saw them at Gucci, RCavalli and at DVF. Of course it is 80s and we loved that. Don't be afraid to choose a total-printed one. Because during spring and summer time we all need a bit colour to brighten our days even more!


Let us know about your favourite S/S trends of 2014!

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