Spring Campaigns

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Well it's the time to gather our favorite spring campaigns. I fell love with Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs, especially the collaboration with Miley Cyrus. I didn't particularly like Versace's collab with Lady Gaga (and rihanna's new tattoo but that's a whole other story) . So, let us introduce you our favourite Spring Campaigns of 2014 collected!

 Daria Werbowy for Balenciaga; An awesome photoshoot, by Steven Klein. 

Marc Jacobs. Just in love with this photoshoot. I think that Miley Cyrus was the most suitable person the MJ house could come up with for this campaign. Well done Marc. Photos taken by David Sims.

What about Alexander Wang.? It's ok if you screamed when you saw Anna Ewers photographed by Steven Meisel in a public bathroom. I'm in loooove with this. Especially with the white "Parental Advisory" crop top. Well done Alexander (once again)!

Prada remind me in a way some 5th grade group photos we took at school when I was younger.  Vibrant colors worn by well-known models are presented in front of Steven Meisel. And the result is just stunning! 
Some of the campaign models: Julia Bergshoeff, Dorota Kullova, Ashleigh Good, Gracie Van Gastel, Amanda Murphy, Viktor Van Pelt, Maggie Jablonski, Lieke Van Houten.

Ok, it's time for a TMI (Too Much Information) hint now. I've been slightly addicted to Saint Laurent collections for the past couple years. Along with the name, the house changed slightly its style for the best.Again sparkly, black and white with rock elements.

I couldn't leave without Cara Delevigne for Mulberry. So beautiful and unique welcoming us to spring time. (How cute is that?) Beautiful Cara!

Last but not least we have Balmain and Missoni. The first one chose Rihanna for their S/S 14 campaign. On the other hand we have Christy Turlington photographed by Viviane Sassen. 
(If you want my opinion Missoni's campaign was much better than Balmain's. Turlington was gorgeous!)

Write you comments bellow: Which was you favorite campaign?

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