Wear This Today : Casual Street Style

1:49 AM

The weather here in Greece is a bit odd lately and neither we nor our wardrobes can really cope with this... So after a lot of thinking and some help from our friend Rafaela we came up with a cute, yet chic and stylish outfit which is both daytime and casual-night-out appropriate!

All you need is a skater skirt in an interesting colour (like this burgundy one), a denim shirt, black tights (if you have printed ones go for it) and biker boots. Jewellery are optional but we suggest a statement necklace, just to spice things up, or a few simple -yet chic- ones like those ones Rafaela wears.

Also makeup-wise we chose a no-makeup-makeup with just a feline flick, a bit of mascara and a nude lipstick.



Rafaela for Chromantics Fashion 
Photos by Nef

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