Winter Trend: Coats

10:57 PM

Well, yesterday i saw that New York dressed up in white so i decided, now that the cold came for well, to make a post about our favorite winder trend. Coat is something that every woman need and has to have it in her closet. It is gonna be always in fashion, as we know cold lasts 4-5 months, and is a must have to protect ourselves firstly from the cold and after to be stylish. Now the things have changes in the way we see the coat. We don't forget the classic coats with the buttons and the belt, known as trench. But now we add the oversized, colorful style, which are in fashion. Let's see the new coat trends: 

I'll start with the trench coat. Is my favorite style of coats. The classic form is the Burberry but of course lot of us cannot afford a Burberry coat, so many companies copied the style of this coat. Classic and always in fashion. If you want an envestement just go and buy the Burberry one! 


Next to our list is the Parka Coat. I prefer this coat at the color of the army. It's cozy and gives our the air of an awesome street styler. Wear it this jeans and ankle boots. Also wear a hat for an elegance appearance. 

 Top Coat. Maybe my faaavorite coat. We saw in fashion weeks and at those amazing street style photoshoots that many girls prefered the oversized version of the top coat. Also, some of them wanted to be more in fashion and to wear an animal printed top coat or just a simple colorful oversized coat!!! 

Next to our list is the Cape. I am in love with those coats. I wanted to buy one of those but i couldn't find a good one. It reminds me something of fairytails and i think it's very romantic and cute. Also, this coat can take off your outfit. I prefer the long capes because i think that with a high boot will be and excellent choice! Elegance and chicness in one coat!


 And our finally type of coats are the fluffy coats. They are so cute. I think that you can wear them with everything. Especially with leaggings and boots. Amazing outfit. Prefer, again the long coats because it's more easy to wear them espacially with jeans and short skirts. Again, a coat that we saw it a lot of in the street style and we loved it! 

I hope that we like this post. If you do comment bellow, write us on our facebook page and tell us your favorite type of coat! 

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