DIY: Ear Cuffs

10:39 PM

Today we have a DIY project. The ear cuffs are earings that they cover the hole ear. It'a a trend that the Hollywood celebrites love to wear. Those earings are in fashion and we love that. It something girly and stylish the same time and completes the perfect outfit. So, we gonna saw you how to create your own ear cuff without spending much money. Let's start...

You gonna need: 

-Swarovski rhinestones in 2 different sizes (medium-small)
[If the star you do not have 'closure' that they obtain the correct sizes for each rhinestones to their fastening using a pensaki.]
-Gold or silver curved accessories (tube for jewelry)
-Clip fasteners or thumbtack with thick base.
-Super strong adhesive for metal objects.

 Using a hammer hit the curved tube until it becomes flat.

  Put a small amount of glue on a stick and using a toothpick, stuck the clasp on one of the two ends of the curved accessories.


 Extra tip: To be sure I would not fall off your ear to the ear cuff when the "burdened" with rhinestones, you can put on both ends of clips.

  -Following the same procedure, stuck on top of the accessory rhinestones again using toothpick for more detailed work.

 -Be sure to thoroughly cover the base of the clip, using rhinestones and give whatever shape you want in your new earring.


 -So simple, you make yourself a super hot ear cuff! Wear it with a monochrome ensemble and do not exaggerate with these accessories.


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