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Here comes another first day of New York Fashion Week. The next few weeks we will be covering all the fashion shows from all the fashion weeks around the world (London, Milan and of course Paris). But let's start with the first on the list and the kick-off of the Fashion Month, New York. Continuing the tradition of a few years back and what we believe it's popular demand of you our lovely readers, we are back, fully loaded for another Fashion Month frenzy. For those that are new readers: This means that the post will have not only a brief presentation of the runways, but there will be beauty trends and of course celebrity scoop featured as well. We hope that you like our idea for covering the shows! If so, take a sit in our Fashion Bus and enjoy the ride!
Stay tuned and let the fashion month begin...

Starting with a dynamic duo of husband and wife who also are the same pair that got a home-run last year by winning the CFDA /Vogue Fashion Fund, had some exceptions to fulfill in a short period of 3 months by creating their Fall 2017 collection. We believe that they brought their love for each other into the runway transformed into fuzzy warm garments.
The love-struct of the collection was evident from the beginning where the chunky cozy wool cardigans, mink scarves in a variation of colours. It didn't' stop there though, as more romantic pieces followed the above, in the form of gowns with puffed up shoulders. Maybe the brand was trying to reach out to more Hollywood friendly audience, aka actress, in order to score one of their numbers walking down the upcoming Oscars. Not a bad effort at all. The jeans that is/was one of their best-selling pieces,had a rare appearance on the runway, but were outnumbered from other pieces  like cocktail dresses, pencil skirts and fur fur fur that we love. A different approach from the designing duo and we hope to see them on the upcoming fashion weeks and see what more they will bring on the table!

Next up, the Cinq à Sept collection! A collection that was characterized from the bloggers that attended the actual runway show, that they would wear every single piece of the collection. There is no playing down the trends so they can be wore by everyone in this brand. It's more like all or nothing, ready for a cocktail party on the spot. That is what the owner Jane Siskin believes for her brand.
Siskin took a risk with ther Fall 2017 collection by pairing 40's and 90's elements but according to her again, the girl that chooses to wear her clothes will both crave the pink ruffled dress and the fridged jacket. Therefore she opened her collection with a velvet damask coat with fur on the cuffs. Army jackets, gray T-shirts with stamps on them declaring that the wearer loves everyone (" I Love Everyone"). Rich embellished garments or rich in the fabric quality made their appearance not disappoint the loyal audience of the brand. We say 90's and 40's? We might weren't be born in the 40s and only barely lived part of the 90s but we appreciate the efforts, would be willing to try it out!

The next dynamic duo seemed to also took referrences from the 90s. Not only on the character of the clothes but more on the messages they wanted to bring through them. The designers themselves stated that "it's the glam street style, everyting that we loved in the 90s but brought forward to today". It's like a glance down the memory line not in a bad way more in the sense that they wanted to bring the optimism the 90s had. (Even as a kid back then the thrill for the Millenium was real!)Other than references to the full of hope 90s, Nicholas K stayed true to themselves by presenting more sleek, into their own element clothes such as  leather wrapped dresses (we need!!!) rushed velvet jackets, and flowing cutaway dresses. All we have to say is that Nicholas K didn't disappoint us! (Did we mention the over the knee gold metallic boots that give that Beyonce power vibe? Oh yes just another need in our life)

Moving on to  Creatures of Comfort and their take for the Fall/Winter of 2017/2018. Have you ever been camping? Or you were a girl/boy Scout?  Or just had a crazy loving nature family that packed up every given chance for the mountains? Well it doesn't matter a lot cause the founder of the brand Creatures of Comfort, Jade Lei, decided that is about time that we all together take a camping trip. Or at least wear clothes that will resemble one!
Although as a girl scout I would have wished that my uniform would be out of Lurex knit and was accompanied by a full collection of it with skirts, dresses, tops and cardigans. A! And don't forget Lurex socks here as well. With them came other pieces to compliment it such as a pink ensemble with a macramé vest and the series of looks in micro gingham—in particular a dress cinched in the back with cord. The shoes had a voice of their own as well being one of the highlights of the collection.Taking a stand in today's world happenings, Lei had see-now-buy-now limited edition T-shirts walking down the runway with the slogan
"we are all human beings". We are, aren't we?

Last but not least for today's coverage is  Adam Selman with his new obsession for the Fall/Winter collection with denim. He said that he drew inspiration from an old book he had been sitting on his desk for a long long time : American Denim. And for him it proved to be the gold in the end of the rainbow.
With a clear reference on the 70s, hence the denim and the pieces that had appliquéd with red roses and pared down biker jacket. But what was surprising, it was the disco chic pieces that strutted the runway. In a connection with the above designer, Lurex garments were present as well in the form of minidresses, sweater dresses, jumpsuits, and pleated party dresses. What reminded it a bit of a Halston flashback but the designer himself sadi that took inspiration from sisters Mariel and Margaux Hemingway and Studio 54. What seemed like two trends that don't go together, better separated to shine in their own piece and quite, it actually merged perfectly on the runway, creating a highly wearable collection and us making us want to go dig in our mother's closet for those 70s looks!

As per usual we will also report to you the latest happenings on the front row and backastage so you can admire and feel exclusive dreaming that you are sitting together with them on the front row like we do. Let's start then with the front row at the Adam Selman show, where Anja Rubnik, Carmen Carrera and Ashley Smith and Briana Andalore attending the show. The designer was also photographed at the beginning of the show with Amy Sedaris.

Heading backstage to the Creatures of Comfort fashion show to see what was behind this Camp Rock show!

New York might have greeted the first day of the Fashion Week with a snowstorm, which nevertheless gave a beautiful scenery into the city, and also didn't stop all the fashionista on going out in the snow covered streets of New York to grace us all with the street style and inspiration we have been craving for till last September/October.
Let's enjoy it then the latest of the street style of the day!

Hope you enjoyed the 1st day of #CFxNYFW ! If so, stay tuned for the upcoming days ;)

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Thank you for reading!

Written by Doxy Pantazi, Chromantics Fashion Editor


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