Androgynous Beauty Guide

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Since androgynous style seems to be a timeless style, we thought it was only appropriate to create the beauty guide that goes with it. Never forget that you can always do your thing and create feminine beauty looks whilst embracing your androgynous side; that doesn't mean that you have to ignore the urges that you have sometimes which tell you to go all the way and match your makeup to your look. So from the subtle bare faced looks to the ones with bold details let us guide you through what we consider as the appropriate androgynous beauty. 

When it comes HAIR it's definetely not all about the length. Long, short or medium length, it's the style that matters. The easiest way to go is a simple slicked back hairstyle which is not only day-to-night wearable, but it works quite nicely with makeup as it accentuates all those features which need to be prominent. Other options include a modern quiff, a low ponytail (for really sofisticated daytime looks), or tousled/bedhead waves which give a really effortless look. Extra tip: Avoid anything that looks too "made up", like proper ironed curls.



With makeup things are as easy, as the options are quite a few. When it comes to the FACE, the key point to everything is to start off with a clean looking complexion, avoiding any heavy foundations or other assorted products. The most important part is to accentuate the contours of the face using the appropriate shading products (preferably a cream one, because it's easier to work with). Go for a natural looking highlights and skip the glitters or anything too reflecting. As for blush either skip it or go for something really sheer and peachy toned. Concealing is necessary.

As for the EYES you can play around as much as you want as long as you go easy on the eyebrows. No harsh lines are needed; either opt for the natural look or go for a straighter looking style avoiding any arches and heavy lining. For your lids there are two options: you can either go completely bare (or bare-looking after using a flesh toned shadow to even out everything) or you can go crazy. Bronze, silver and black smokey eyes create perfect evening looks and give a bit of a twist to your look. If you choose the first option remember to go easy with the mascara and avoid the dramatic bottom lashes. 

For LIPS you can go either for something vibrant (Everything we said above for the heavy eye makeup applies in this case as well. Though if you go for the eyes you better skip the lips.), or for a flesh toned nude, preferably with a sheen in it. Extra tip: Skip the gloss, go for balms.


Last but not least, we have to talk about NAILS. You can always go for a bit of colour, preferably something dark, cold toned pastels and greys, but anything nude will do the job.

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