Androgynous Style Ideas

12:53 AM

Androgyny can probably be defined as the combination of having both feminine and masculine characteristics. Other than a life choice and a lifestyle it has been a big movement in fashion as well for a few decades now, especially since it was introduced by many designers in the '90s. I believe that the reason behind the evolution of androgne style is probably the fact that it is fashion's way to support gender equality. If you think about it, androgyne fashion is based on the sense of unisex products (either it's clothes or cosmetics), as nowadays women are encouraged to embrace the comfort that comes with the so called "manly" outfits and men can enjoy the luxury that comes with using products which are mostly targeted for "female" audiences. From a womanly perspective (well... our perspective), this type of style can certainly give the idea of power and freedom provided by the fact that you are able to make your own choices when it comes to your lifestyle and the way you want to express who you are through fashion; And for us that's what all is about. So embrace each impulsive part of yourself and remember that the key is that you are free to wear anything that makes you confident in your own skin.

Lastly, let us guide you through our idea of the perfect unisex/ androgyne style:


All the outfits were provided by DIDO ( Facebook Page, Website)

Photos by Nef.

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