Natural Beauty Guide

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Natural Beauty Guide

When I think of the so called "natural beauty" my mind imidiately goes to the LITERALLY no makeup makeup look from last season's Marc Jacobs collection -for obvious reasons-(For those of you who don't know the models walked completely bare faced on that runway and they all looked fabulous.). And this example falls into one of the two real life categories for Natural Beauty - the second one being these people who can be insecure at times and/or enjoying way too much wearing makeup (i.e. me)  so they try to "fake it 'till they make it"-. So, if you don't belong to the first group of non-self consious and/or cannot-be-bothered-enough people this guide is for all of you.

Firstly regarding your base you can go one or both of two ways: conceal and even out. Personally, if I want to go natural, especially during the summertime, I simply skip the foundation process and go straight on with a bronzer and a concealer (but you can read more about that on My Unbreakable Rules of Summer Beauty and/or last year's Summer Beauty Essentials). But if that's not your thing we have certain products like highlighting pens and BB creams that we think work better for this makeup concept -especially during the hotter months-. Extra tip: go for a highlighting pen on the high points of your face and the under eye area for a more fresh and awake look.

Natural Beauty Base

But whatever you do, you've got to infuse a bit of colour in there in order to look fresh and well...alive. And what better way to achieve that than a bit of bronzer and a perfect shade of coral blush. If you're trying to look natural leave the chiseled, contoured cheekbones for another day and just go for the bronzed goddess look instead.

Natural Beauty: The Blushers

Natural Beauty: Bronzers

Regarding the LIPS the general rule in natural beauty is go for something nude or basically a your-lips-but-better-shade. But sometimes that's not fun; if it's one of these days when you need a bit more colour in your life, go for a formula that's a bit more sheer a lipgloss or a chubby stick.

Natural Beauty: Lipsticks
Natural Beauty: Vibrant Lips

Lastly don't go overboard with the EYES a bit of mascara, a liner and maybe a nude eyeshadow might be sufficient. Remember that in order to create the perfect natural look your eyebrows must be on fleek -as the youngsters say these days-. If you want to dress it up a bit go for a bronze or champagne metallic shade which catches the light and can make you look awake at the same time!
Natural Beauty: All About The Eyes
What's your natural beauty secret?

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