Searching For That One Autumnal Shade

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Beauty Post: My favourite autumnal shades

Having read a great and terribly relatable Buzzfeed article featuring tweets from a few of my fellow beauty addicts out there, I'm feeling ready, confident and truly inspired to start talking about all these fall shades I'm definetely going to indulge again this year. We're talk heavy duty rusty bronze, maybe a few polished day-off nudes and definetely a bit (or a lot) of frosty and shimmery finishing touches.

Eyes are one of the features we love playing around with this time of the year. When smokey looks become a thing, and blending brushes need cleaning twice a week that's when you know it's fall. There are those times when natural shades and eyeliners are nearly boring and definetely not enough and that's when you feel like fooling around with mauves, gold shimmers and that great gold bronze shade. Definetely been there, surely done that. But always keep in mind that building up a product and blending it afterwards is every eye makeup look's best friend!

Autumnal Eyeshadows

For me, when it comes to lipstick choices, fall is the time I crack up the nudes as well as the vampy bolds, simply because I haven't found any flesh tones lip product that actually looks good on my tanned flesh during the summertime. Some people say that if you go bold on the eyes, you should go easy on the lips. I say do whatever you please because the only thing you're supposed to do when applying makeup is having fun with it. (P.S.1; I think I cried while choosing Tom Ford shades P.S.2: No mum *and Nef* they're not all the same. It's all about the undertones) 

The lipstick shades

Your nails are probably the one thing you can go crazy whenever and wherever, as long as they look nice and polished (literally). And as the temperature drops, you get to choose from a variety of shades, finishes and textures (because that's a thing now). Nude, plum or black the options are unlimited and ready to fit all outfits and occasions.

Nail Shades

What's an autumnal must have in your makeup bag?

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