5 Trends You Can Steal from Claire Underwood (House Of Cards)

11:37 PM

 The worldwide phenomenon series couldn't be out of our blog. If you haven't started House of Cards yet, you should. It's probably one of the best series right now. The subject is political but what we noticed from this show is not only the amazing talent of Kevin Spacey, but the style of his wife Claire Underwood aka Robin Wright. If someone wants to describe her style in three worlds, probably those would be: elegant, androgyne and classy. So, in this post we will study her outfits and simple ways to add some of her elegance and simplicity in our daily life. 

High waisted skirts and business dresses are the best outfits for the morning. If you want to be dynamic and feminine at the same time in your work place those are kind of steps you should follow. The basic color palette is black and white, blue, grey and nude. Monochrome is something that you should adopt on your daily routine. Silk shirts, cropped jackets or trench coats are the perfect pieces to complete your outfit. Do not forget the shoes and the bags to be harmonized with the tones and the style of your outfit.  

Who said that wearing glasses is forbidden and especially at work. Finally, justice came through this series and of course Claire Underwood. I am a myopic girl and a huge fan of glasses. Everyone wants me to throw away those glasses but if they checked Claire they would know why I'm not leaving aside my glasses. So, dare to wear your glasses and not only at home.

  But let's move on to the details. What we learned from Claire Underwood is that simplicity and minimalism is always the best way to go. Do not overdo it and you will win! Nude nails and this amazing blond androgyne haircut is something that we've loved since the beginning of this show. I am sure that lot of women tried this haircut because House of cards. If you are thinking about a change, get inspired and do it!

And for the end, we will finish with the sporty Claire Underwood. Every night Claire was jogging alone or with Francis. And believe me, we were more jealous about her sporty outfits than her daily ones. Because, even when you run, you have to be stylish! 

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What's your favourite House of Cards character?

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