Chromantics goes to Fashion Room Service-XXL Edition

7:53 PM

We live in Greece, a country that's not so up-to-date when it comes to anything that has to do with fashion. Though there are certain people and events created to make a change and to bring us closer to what we like to call "discovering our personal style through unique high end brands". Such an event was "Fashion Room Service" powered by Ozon Magazine which basically brought new designers and creators to the rooms of 3 different hotels in Athens (Grecotel Pallas Athena, Fresh Hotel, City Circus) where they had the chance not only to present parts of their collection but to interact with the interested audience as well. 
The intriguing part is the variety and the contrasts between the designers; from the urban brands like Clash-ified2 and Fishbone to the romantic ones like Dent'elle and Artemis creations, we got the chance to meet all the creators and instigators as well as their unique collections. Every piece was made to differ from the other and every room could be the complete opposite from the next one; and that's what we loved about this event; the diversity, the chance to get in touch with the designers as well as the products and and the opporunity to get to know all these amazing greek contemporary brands in person.

Since photos were allowed during the event we're here to bring you all the details of the collections through this short lookbook (You can check the full photo gallery in our Facebook Page):

Lula Leventi

Aliki Stroumpouli

Studio Lav

Ma-Le by Aggeliki Maleviti

Alkisti Jewellery


Vassiliki Charitou

Ma Li Ya


Pericles Kondylatos


Ozon Boutique



Artemis Creations

Bunny Tales Accessories

Ploos Designs

3rd Floor

Dared & Ries


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