How to Style: The Shirt

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Let's go back to the basics. Shirt is one of the most comfortable, wearable and cozy item that every woman should have in her wardrobe. The reasons are simple; Firstly, it can be easily combined with everything, secondly you can create all-day outfits and last but not least it's something that'll never go out of fashion. In this post we will analyze not only the classic white shirt, but a few different versions of our favourite shirt. 

1.Shirt + Skirt
There are multiple ways to wear your shirt, but let's start with "The Skirt Combination". It really depends on your skirt's length. If you go for the mini the ideal would be to wear an oversized printed, striped -or whatever you want- shirt with your favorite loafers or heels. On the other hand, if you want to create a more "office appropriate" outfit wear your middi or maxi skirt with a white or black shirt. Try to avoid total printed outfits and keep a balance in general. To make your attire even more updated add the final detail of tucking your shirt in your skirt in order to create a more street-style ready outfit.

2. Skirt + Jeans
For this look, we are keeping the oversized shirt and we're adding a few cropped ones. This way you can create a better, more freestyle outfit. My favorite combination is definetely the one with a pair of boyfriend jeans. If you want to wear it for a special occasion prefer jeans in straight or A-line with your high-heels or knee-high boots. Dare to wear it with a high-waisted pair of jeans and your oversized blazer or simply your coat. Additionally you can try a total denim outfit with your favorite sweater. Strips and prints are accepted!

3. Shirt + Suits
If you adore suits as much as I do, you will find the combination of shirts and suits, perfect. If you want to create a  slightly more classy outfit prefer a monochrome colored suit or tartan and your favorite -in this occasion- oversized or cropped shirt. Of course we prefer the high-waisted pants with our oversized jacket. Put some color if your suit is in black, grey or blue colors by choosing nude yet intriguing shades like salmon pink.

Those were our simple suggestions for "How to Style" one of the most classic pieces of clothing, the shirt. Thank you for reading, comment bellow and let us know what you would like to read in our next "How to style" post.

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