Can we wear what we really want?

11:30 AM

Let me ask you a question. How often do you hear this quote? Do you ever ever think that it actually can’t be 100% true? We live in a century when social media are a big part of our lifes and internet seems to be our king and we its slaves. If someone is “offline” they are considered to be outdated to say the least. At Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, lots of different accounts about fashion, style and beauty, post every day outfits, suggestions for what to wear on a day to day basis and how easily we can combine the new trends with our limited edition make up. Sometimes, all those things can be really useful and practical, simply because you are not sure if your new denim Zara skirt is office appropriate or if this shade of red looks good with that pink top and this is the time when social media come and save the day! Photos, articles, videos and a huge variety of styles appear on your screens in a few seconds with a simple tap. Whatever you want or imagine is on your hands with just one click.  

These things are a huge part of our personal lives as our daily influence. So we all want this pair of leather boots by Gucci that we saw in our local high end store, those dreamy Valentino dresses from the latest collection or the mythical Chanel boy bag for which we've been saving for ages. But here comes the bitter truth. Not all buyers can afford this things and if someone can it'll probably be a one time thing. I have recently read a post about the must have products of a fashion blogger. Number one: Chloe Cross Body Bag. This is actually what makes you a good and respectful fashion blogger? If you own a Chloe or a Chanel bag? This post actually made me pretty angry because the catalogue of those 10 things was insane; not only they listed 10 stereotypical things that most known bloggers seem to own and promote but they managed to exclude the newbies of the industry simply because their not cool enough to wear one of the fashionable must haves. Don't let the marketing fool you though whatever you choose to buy or wear is your one choice regardless of how well you thought it looked on Instagram.

If someone wants to be a part of fashion not by having a blog, but by being stylish in their own way they surely can, because personal style gives you some sort of voice to describe yourself with just one look. Because let’s be honest, the way we dress and choose to create our general image has a huge impact on how we act and present ourselves during our daily life. Your style can be androgyne, rock, pop or whatever, not because it's trendy, but because that's who you are. 

Let's take androgyne style for example. For me, the looks I can achieve with this type of fashion mindset not only fit the image I want to create for myself but make me feel  sexy and confident as well. Androgyne style, might not be for all, but it can give you a respectable amount of looks, perfect for certain occasions, which means that it's just the easiest way to go even if your not the biggest fan. Because let's be honest for a sec; even if you're the skirts and frils kind of girl you certainly had your baggy jeans/graphic tee moment on that long weekend visit at your parents a while back. And even if it didnt exactly fit your daily style, it certainly made you feel relaxed and comfortable. Fashion isn't about following rules, it's about feeling good in your shoes (*LITERALLY*).

Moving on to the other parts of our day, or night I have to admit that I'm not the biggest heel girl. And there are modern fashion icons who agree with me like Garance Dore (aka Queen in flats), so I'm not alone. That doesn't make me less feminine or sexy, it just makes me a flat lover. To set an image, ιmagine going to a big club with flats; it's really stylish, extremely unique and truly painless. Even if you get bored, you can definetely walk those 5 blocks to get to that amazing cocktail bar with your squad. My point is that just because the norm on club attires is wearing heels doesn't mean we have to follow. Do your thing and everything will fall to place. 
So, even if you think that fashion stereotypes are not letting you wear whatever you want daily think again. Remember you dress up a certain way because that's the way you want to express yourself, it represents your mood, taste and personal style. Do not let anyone judge you on how you're dressed today. Also never forget that even if your having a bad hair/non ironed T-shirt kind of day everything can be fixed with good styling. Dry shampoo on our hair, our favourite jacket over the t-shirt and we're good to go. It doesn't matter if you own the world's most expensive wardrobe the most important thing is to support what you're wearing and to feel sexy and comfortable in it. 

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