When Everything Became The New Black

3:56 AM

Over the years award ceremonies seem to serve different purposes. From the good ol' nominees who, as expected, received awards thanking their families, their coworkers and possibly God, to the drama queens and the cult twerking princesses *ahem* getting all the attention with their actions or their outfits (or the possible lack of the second ones). This past year though all the lights seem to focus to the truly impactful personas who through their inspirational speeches are rightfully trying to shape minds for the better. 

And as the mindsets seem to show progress so do the red carpet appearances; Depending on the nature of the ceremony and the hosting organization, celebrities take the outfits from the semi-formal to the perfectly tailored/après cocktail side of the spectrum. Something I noticed a lot, possibly the past 3-5 years, is that the truly bad appearances seem to lessen as fashion progresses. Most designers nowadays seem to know what works and what doesn't, though some of them always try to take it one step further by using more embelishments and slightly flashier materials. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Something else that I became aware of recently is the actual colours and designs of the dresses; Even though black and silk thrown over a few folds is always the safest way to go, that doesn't make it particularly interesting in any way. To be completely fair, the same goes for most heavily embroided or slightly boring ensembles with crochet details. And what does make an appearance memorable you would ask? To me (and to most people I believe) that would probably be either a really intriguing detail (see: Iman Abdulmajid's sleeves), or chic clean cut outfits with a twist usually provided by the colour palette or the material of choice (see: Victoria Beckham & Selena Gomez). Unfortunately, though easy. black is not that special anymore. 

Lastly I'd like to point out that no look can be completed without a really polished styling.Good makeup and hair go a long way, sometimes longer than the outfit itself (we're talking about the ones you probably want to reacreate the look for your sister's wedding).

You don't always have to go big or go home. Sometimes you just have to look interesting and put together.

What makes a look memorable for you?


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