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You know what time of the year is! Yep you guess it right! It is the time to kick off another NYFW, where closing streets for models to parade is normal, where fashion bloggers put on their extraordinary looks which might include then risking catching a deathly cold, where all the fashionistas around the globe stay up until the AMs to catch the latest news from their favourite designers and of course where we, aka Chromantics Fashion team, are here to report it to you! 
Let's kick off another Fashion Frenzy month with what we called a kick-off show of the NYFW (although in reality it happened in LA Venice Beach) with Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid.

Ahhhhh, the sweet aura of Coachella. Wait what?! What do you mean it is now April yet and it's only February!? Also, as far as our geography skills goes(and trust me when it comes down to fashion capitals we know very well where they are located), Venice Beach is located in LA and New York is on another coast. On the other hand, we are talking about Tommy Hilfiger together with Gigi Hadid, that gives enough reasons for the duo to do basically whatever they want, even close entire streets to have their own festival of fashion, which to be honest is exactly what they did.

So, on Wednesday 8th of February, just a step away from the official opening of the NYFW, Venice Beach closed down to host the Tommyland (another reference to a festival made there). Indeed we can say it wasn't your typical fashion show but one that Hilfiger got us used to the past fashion weeks. No no no, no complaints made here, we love it and looking to be reminded of Coachella, which is coming quite soon. If you deny it, then you are lying to yourself that you haven't used the flower crown filter on Snapchat. Yes you had and yes you are overusing it as much as we do!

To the show itself, the festival vibe was transfared both on the runway and on the people attending it. The second capsule colletion of Gigi Hadid with Hilfiger was debuted on the runway (TommyxGigi) and as per say the model had the honor to open the show with a crop top covered in geometrical shapes and the honorable colours of TH and USA, cowboy belt and shiny pants, paired with her big smile of excitement. The rest of the colletction followed the well recognized American spirit of the house and in sync with the festival spirit. Plenty of denim decorated with patcwork, bohemian scarf-print blouses, oversized glittering sweaters with or without the US flag or the Hilfiger logo, all paired with cowgirl boots and western belts.

The show also sported the upcoming trend of see-now-buy-now, with the clothes being available as they walked down the runway in more than 70 countries. So, yes we can pretend to be in our own little festival by purchasing the clothes, something we are not totally against it but still taking sometime to get accustomed and familiar with. Afterall, Tommy himself said that they launched the Tommy Now because they believe they are the brand to break the conventions. 
Lead the way Mr. Hilfiger, we are ready to follow!

I hope that you enjoyed our first post before the official kick-off of the Fashion Week. Stay tuned because you are about to get hit with the #NYFW frenzy and posts. Here to keep you up-to-date ;)

Thank you for reading!

Written by Doxy Pantazi,Chromantics Fashion Editor

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