Floral for Winter? You can do it!

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If you are as a cool as we are (or just plain weird and fashion movie addicts), then you probably remember one of those phrases from Miranda Priestly (aka Meryl Streep) saying "Florals for spring? Grounddbreaking."

So if floral is not groundbreaking for spring, why not try them for the winter? We subtly saw them making their appearance on the A/W 2016/17 runways and we are here to help you keep the flower theme going strong even when it's cloudy and gloomy out there!

Traditionally, you would have wear floral for spring right? Bright vibrant colours and prints of different kind of flowers, mixed together to make unique garments symbolizing the beginning of spring and start the dreams for summer and the cocktails we will drinks, the flirts we will make, the beaches. Well, you and we have been deceived again by the designers. Or maybe deceived it's a strong word so let's just say "pleasantly surprised". Because they decided that florals are not strictly for the Spring and Summer collections, but with a few twists can be a perfect statement for Autumn and Winter as well. 

Colours get darker, floral prints are getting mixed into a crazy ride and there we have it! The floral of the Autumn/Winter. Now we get to mention that we twirled in our new autumn floral dress and again dream but now for the winter escapes and the après ski getaways!

You might ask in which shape you will find it. The answer? EVERYWHERE! Applique, printed or embroidered, from brocade and velvet until tulle and satin, transforming the women into modern winter gardens. From high and low you will see here how to become your own secret garden ;)

High Street 

 As much as we love those pieces and we are taking our breakfast outside Gucci or Erdem or Dolce&Gabanna boutiques as other Holly Golightly (yes the movies references are strong with us in this post), we want to save some bucks for some other fashion emergencies so here it is the affordable pieces version for your secret garden!

Affordable Pieces

Thank you for reading! Let us know how you will wear your floral pieces in the comments below or on Instagram!

Written by Doxy Pantazi, Chromantics Fashion Editor

Sources: Vogue.com, marimekko.com, Zara, H&M

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