From summer to winter: The white shirt

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Summer might be over for me since my vacation are officially done, but I am not sure if I am the only person that I feel already the autumn vibes. I know that many of you might be still on tropical islands or at beaches, but many of us, we just returned to our houses, offices and to our routine! And don’t be mad with us, but our daily routine makes us think autumn. In a way to escape from those thoughts, I decided to write a post, about probably the most classic item, which is the white shirt. The reason is why you can wear it not only in summer but in winter too. So, in my mind I have it like it is a transition item; from summer to autumn. With your white shirt you can remember the best night of your vacation or your first day back to work. So, this is a reason why we love it. As you can see from the cover of this post, the white shirt is something classic that every woman has to have it in her closet. So, what makes a simple shirt so classic? It is not only easy to be combined (YAY), it can show classiness and sexiness in such a great way that it is irresistible, so this is why it's a huge trend every decade and as you can see, I am not even choosing the world -year-! So, let’s dive into the magical world of the most iconic trend of all the time; the white shirt.

From Audrey to Jane Birkin the white shirt was very popular back at the 60's and 70's. All the Hollywood stars back then, had their own natural look not only on their vacation in Monaco or Capri but at their films too. But the white shirt wasn't only an item for the stars at that time. We have seen many times Grace Kelly to complete her outfits with a classic, always suitable for every occasion, shirt, making this simple item, a royal trend! So, why couldn't be inspired by those legendary woman and start wearing our new white shirt. 

Now days the modern version of this shirt is something that we want to our daily closet. Huge sleeves , modern lace patterns and different cuts, are here to give a different tone, to this -maybe for someone- boring shirt. Many style-gurus have worn them in fashion weeks and the photographers adore them because they are not just perfect for the photos, but the looks and the outfits, that you can create are amazing just with one, simple, detail. So, don't be afraid to purchase one of those shirts and mostly dare to wear them at your workplace! Your co-workers will be so jealous with your new purchase! 

But if you are not a big fan of modern things and you are a more classic type, don't be afraid. The classier, the better, because let's remember the classic campaigns of Yves Saint Laurent, when the house, first launched their suits. Is their anything better than this? I don't think so... What you have to do, is to borrow your mums classic shirt and combine it with your pants or why not your classic pair of pencil skirts. Because let's admit it, there is nothing more sexier than this combination!

Stop thinking that this kind of shirt is only seen in movies. No! Boyfriend shirts are a big fashion trend right now and guess what; You don't have to be in a relationship to find the perfect and ideal shirt. Just go to your local shopping mall and you will find a huge variety of those! Boyfriend shirts + denim shorts + Sundays = perfect combination! Is there anything better than being comfortable in your daily outfit while your are in work or in your university? I don't think so! So, if you are a more-kinda-loose type, this is the ideal kind of white shirt for you! 

Thank you for reading

Written by Nef Petropoulou, Chromantics Fashion Editor

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