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I am so excited when summer is coming and people from all over the world come to Greece to spend their vacation or for a special occasion such as birthdays or weddings. This season, Elsa Hosk, one of the angels and one of my favorite Victoria Secret model visited Mykonos. As you may know, Mykonos is one of the most famous islands of Greece and many celebrities visit it each year. But, why I write a post, only about Elsa Hosk and her time in Mykonos. If you follow her on Instagram (if you don't, go right now), you might have seen all those amazing photos that she uploaded the past few weeks. And what we all noticed, were those swimsuits. Every piece of them was a-m-a-z-i-n-g styled and we wish that we had them all. So, let's take a look of all the swimsuits that Elsa wore only in Mykonos and let's try to be inspired by her.

 In case you are heading to Greek islands and we have no idea what swimsuit to take with, you check this post -> (Packing Guide: Greek Islands). 

The white one

White swimsuits are debatable for a long time. You have to find the perfect white one, so that you don't have any problems about how it looks on you. What you have to take care before you purchase one, is the quality and how thick the fabric is. The thicker the better. Then you are ready for your swims at the sea or pool, it is up to you.

The colored one

What is summer without our colored swimsuits. As we saw on Elsa's Instagram she chose a red one piece and another light blue, high waisted with buttons at the bottom of the bikini. We are definitely in love with both of them! In case you have similar swimsuits and you have no idea how to style them click the link of the following post and find out how (How to style swimsuits).

The glittery-metallic one

Something unusual but we kinda love it. Glittery/Metallics swimsuits came out this season and they surprised as in a good way. They brought back the 80's, which is a period that we miss. What we really love and want it right now in our closet, are those one pieces swimsuits that are ideal for our vacation, especially when we have the perfect tone of darkness on our skin. As you can see, Elsa wears an one piece swimsuit and a bikini in blue tones, but I have to admit that I am the one piece fan in this occasion. No matter what, in case you are thinking to purchase one of those, do it without hesitation.

The black one

Is their something more classier and sexier than your total black swimsuit? I don't think so! The matter with the black swimsuits is that you can find dozens of those, but the big deal is to find the one that fits you, exactly how you want it. You can search online or go to your local mall and try that extra set that you saw the other days. How knows? It might be the perfect for you!

Find similar swimsuits:


Thank you for reading

Photo source: @Hoskelsa Instagram Account.

Written by Nef Petropoulou, Chromantics Fashion Editor

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