The Anatomy of Festival Style in 2015

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"When did Coachella replace Halloween as the fake holiday when girls dress like complete skanks and call it a costume/festival look?": When Nef send me this quote by Derek Blasberg yesterday I knew I had to talk about this year's festival style trends.

Firstly, I'd like to take a moment for me to ask and for all of us together to think this: when did MUSIC festivals stop being about MUSIC and the general idea of having fun and getting high -while you're at it- (because let's be honest here)? And why has all the fashion and celebrity-based world succumbed to this marketing scheme?

Now that I posed all the questions, I'd like to talk about all the things we saw:

Here in Chromantics we're pro nakedness, we wouldn't go for it if we were in a festival with thousands of people (including this dude who wore an *unacceptable* "EAT SLEEP RAPE REPEAT" T-shirt), but if you feel that much like it, go for it. We're not here to judge you, we still can't see the functionality of nipple patches, see-through T-shirts and non supportive SWIMwear in a festival but hey, it's California and we kinda get it, it can get hot.



What bugged me the most, was the overlayering and the jingly jewellery. Like who on earth thought that suede would be a good idea on a festival. Usually people have a problem wearing it when it's raining outside, but on the mud and grass infused Coachella Valley I guess it doesn't matter that much.

Also heels: what's up with that. I don't think I should elaborate further on this matter but if they're not comfortable in the city nothing is going to change at a festival.


 But I think the weirdest thing that I saw being worn on this festival was statement or heavily layered jewellery. Again why would you want heavy and jingly accessories to distract you and make you uncomfortable? It might just be me, honestly I don't get it.

Again that's all my personal opinion. I don't mean to hate anybody but I just wanted to get it out there. I understand that you love fashion and that the festival vibes are a great opportunity to explore your personal style. But you got to learn when you're going too far. 

If you want, next time you can follow the example of the people bellow on how festival style should be done:


Disclaimer: I still don't agree with the necklace but the rest is pretty nice.

Anyway, what's your opinion on this year's first impression on festival style? And what do you think of the term "Coachella street style", yay or nay?

Let us know what you think:

Photos by CosmopolitanBuzzfeed & Vogue UK

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