Spring Beauty Guide (2015 Edition)

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Now that spring is here we need to update our makeup bags accordingly. In order to do that we not only have to look out for all the latest releases from the beauty world but we have to check out all the beauty trends that appeared on the runways during September. And even though we did talk in a previous post about a few of these trends (5 Beauty Trends from NYFW) it's always good to go back and reevaluate what we saw on the runways the previous season. 

The LIPS this season are either on the nude (almost bare-like) side or painted with crimson and any other red toned lipstick. Any plum could work, as deeper tones have the ability to transform not only your makeup looks but any outfit as well. Remember to go easy on the rest of the face for a more fresh look.

Zac Posen

Dolce & Gabbana
Burberry Porsum

The EYES were a whole different story. We certainly loved the fact that simple lining is back, with feline flicks being everywhere and graphic designs being -almost- out. This season is about feminine makeup looks which are leaving all the drama behind, along with the sweater weather.

Emilio Pucci
Oscar de la Renta

Saint Laurent

Moving on, we'd like to talk about the importance of eyeshadow on most looks this season. From metallic, plum ones to brighter hues and from smokey looks to simple smudged lining whatever you choose you probably are not going to miss. Be careful on the amount and the way you apply it though cause some colours can certainly recreate a few cringe-worthy looks from the '80's.

Roberto Cavalli
Guy Laroche

Max Mara

Elie Saab
Giorgio Armani

The FACES were mostly bare (with Marc Jacobs leading this trend) but there were certain aspects that we thought were worth mentioning (other than the fact that the fashion world seems to appreciate the beauty of not wearing makeup -whaaat?-). Firstly forget what Kim K has taught you; any form of contouring and/or bronzing must be subtle and natural. Highlighting comes from withing (go for a highlighting pen rather than a powder), and if you choose to go for blush try to recreate a natural flush -mostly with peachy tones-. Or you can simply forget everything put on a gloss or a balm and go bare.

Jason Wu

Marc Jacobs

Victoria Beckham

Isabel Marant

Ralph Lauren

This is the time to go easy on the NAILS as well. Even though we saw many trends on the runways, we enjoyed the fact that nude is everywhere (making everything looking polished and leaving room for any outfit to shine) but most of the times updateD with subtle details: from strategically placed lines to other various geometric prints in colours that flatter any look. Bonus: Soft pastels and reverted french/half moon manicures still look amazing.

 Lastly we have HAIR, which is certainly an issue for us 'cause it's our least favourite part of any beauty routine. This season we firmly believe that most women are vindicated as the frizz is "in". If you're one of those people who seem unable to tame their locks, firstly toss aside all the fancy glistening oils and then come and join Chromantics team -you're one of us now-. If you're one of the lucky/ patient people who have the energy and the time ( and did I mention the patience?) to create natural voluminous locks and shiny ponytails then you  have to go for it, anytime and especially this season. Always remember that any look you choose to go for, from the undone-looking hairstyles to the glam-shiny ones, the result has to look almost natural and slightly efforless. 



What is your favourite spring beauty trend?

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