Valentine's Day Youtube Beauty Guide

5:01 AM

Valentine's day is here so probably now it's the time to be thinking about possible outfits, hair and makeup. So we thought it would be nice to make your lives a bit easier by searching all our favourite Youtube accounts in order to find the best looks for Valentine's Day! From the no makeup-makeup to the amazing (and easiest) smokey eye look we have it all sorted out  for you to choose your perfect look that will match and compliment gracefully any possible date outfit.

Lisa Eldridge's (aka Lancome's new creative director) tutorials are totally wearable and easy to create with step-by-step tips and tricks along the way just to make everything simple and effective. Check out one of the easiest and most settle smokey eye looks we've seen -which we thought would fit most skintones and eye colours-:

Glow from Within
One of the wearable dewy makeup looks we've seen. It might take a bit of time with layering, concealing and all but once you're done your skin will look fresh and radiant bringing out all the youthfullness from within and creating no distraction from your outfit. Thank you (HelloOctoberxo!)

Make it Bounce
 And no we're not referring to the Iggy Azzalea classic rather to your hair which should look healthy and groomed, especially if you check out our recomendations! So Meghan Rienks recently created a video with one of the easiest (especially for all us lazy girls out there) loose-wave hairstyle. It's dressy yet relaxed and it can be transformed from cute to sexy depending on your makeup and outfit:

...Or Braid It Up
Give your look a twist by creating an intriguing (but not necesseraly difficult) hairstyle. We'd go for braids because they are easy to make and keep in place for a long time. They also suit all times of the day and most activities, especially if you have fun outdoors-y date plans. Our recommendation? this fishtail braid created by Luxy Hair which is so much easier to create than it seems,

As for nails, you can find some great -non cliché- ideas in one of our previous posts about this seasons nail trends. Find out more HERE

We hope you found this helpful! Have a great Valentine's Day everyone! Either you have a date or not, don't forget to have fun!

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