5 Things for Spring 2014

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After our post about our favourite spring-summer beauty trends it's time for us to talk about our fashion must-haves for spring. We might be beauty junkies but we're fashion addicts (and shopacholics) as well, so, let's get this started now before our shopping-guilt starts catching up on us. 
Spring is finally here and it is time to upgrade our closet. 
So many new trends to try mean many additions to our closets and our daily outfits. BUT be careful, just because trends are so popular amongst blogs, magazines etc., that doesn't mean that you have to follow them. Try to adjust your favourite ones to your personal style. As we said before, the whole point is being unique (rather than fashionable).

I will start this list with my favorite trend. Round sunglasses. It is time to leave your square sunglasses aside and instead replace them with these ones. May I add that this is the time to go back to the 80's -probably your mum will still have a pair- cause round glasses are the epitome of vintage styling and depending on the the look they can be both hipstery and classy. If you want a more modern version you can choose mirror sunglasses, especially some with color, or even some textured ones!

 Next to our list, is a trend and, if you want our opinion, a must-have. It's our new love. I am talking about CROP TOPS. I know you probably love them too. They remind us of  summer and the festivals that we want to or will attend ('cause crop tops are a must for festival style).  A few days ago, we saw Jessica Biel wearing a beautiful sand coloured crop top in the sunny L.A. and the internet went mad when Poppy Delevingne appeared at Coachella. Don't be afraid, and try this trend. BUT if you don't have a belly like Poppy's try combining it with something high waisted! 

This madness started a few years ago and it is a statement. CLUTCHES are a must-have. You can find pretty much any crazy design or shapes. Let's take for example our beloved Charlotte Olympia. For me she's the lady of the pop-culture-designed clutches. (Take a look and get inspired!) The good thing with this kind of bags is that you can combine them with everything and they can transform your daily outfit. Try something colourful and sparkly and you won't lose!

Next to our list are shoes. Sandals vs Toms vs loafers. Olivia Palermo said that loafers are a must-have for every woman and we can't really disagree with her because we've seen how nicely they can be combined with casual outfits. Well for those who are not big fans, the solution is TOMS. I am in love with this brand! On the other hand, we have sandals. If you are in the team that wants to spent their summer with sandals, we suggest to have at least one stapple pair for everyday use in your collection. Leather is always a good option and you can find a variety of colours and designs to choose from. I think that most shoelovers will prefer sandals as their summer shoes rather than any other style. My favorite ones are Ancient Greek Sandals, a brand you should definetely look out for!

Last, but not least, we get to talk about tunics. We saw lots of people choosing to follow this trend at Coachella and many brands showed pieces that resembled tunics in their latest collections (let's not forget the kimono/tunic hybrid at Valentino). I like this trend because you can combine a boho or a lace tunic with you jeans or generally with your casual outfit and go for an all-day-long outfit! Tunic is a key to your closet because it can be easily combined! Don't miss the opportunity to buy one this summer. Dare to try a fringed one with mixed prints. 

 What are your favorite spring trends? Also Toms or Sandals? 
xoxo CF

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