Paris is always a good idea!

12:18 AM

When I am telling you the word Paris, what comes first to your mind? Shops, Eiffel Tower, food, chocolate, cinema? Yes, yes I am sure that if you think that Paris is all that and more!
I think that Paris is the center of Europe. I love this city! I would like to stay there forever! It's not only the things that we said in the begging it's the whole vibe. The streets, the shops, the cafes, the houses everything is so pretty and reminds you something from another era but at the same time so modern. You can walk on the streets of Paris and feel like Brigitte Bardot is sitting at Café des 2 Moulins, or to hear your favorite song of Edith Piaf as you walking out of Le Carmen. This is Paris to me. Of course we cannot forget Pierre Hermé and the amazing macarons or the Jean-Paul Hévin. No, no, no this is another, sweet spot and view of Paris. 
What else...? Fashion? Shops? Christian Louboutin? Dior? Chanel... Yes, this is our freaky world! Many shops, different brands and styles! Fashion weeks, photographers, colours! We love it! But let's just take a walk on this amazing and historical bridges. Let's go today on
Passerelle des Arts! 
Let me just close with Roland Garros! Nadal, Djokovic, Federrer, Sharapova, William dust and yellow balls! I want a VIP ticket next to Leonardo DiCaprio. Thank you! 
This is my parisworld :)


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