11:52 PM

My first sunglasses was a pair of the classic mirror aviator Ray-Bans. This is what we mean when we say that fashion makes cycles. Here comes the time to put them again and walk with them on, proudly. We all have this awesome round vintage aviator pair of sunglasses. There was a period when everyone had this pair of sunglasses and put them on first before anyone else could understand that it is on fashion again!
 RayBan designed a new mirror aviator in green, blue and orange color! I think this will be my next purchase! (happy, happy, happy). I think that you are going to love these aviators, too. And since they came out once they will be probably in 5 years again so if you buy them now, they won't be like throwing away money. If you had them (lucky people) then wear them again and feel good and fashionable in the old way! 

Take some ideas of aviators sunglasses! 

  Love this michael kors bag in this colour!!!

 i cannot choose a color! i want them all....

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