The best hotels of 2013

2:10 PM

Yes, you might right now have been working, or studying, or just be bored because it's summer time and you are on your house. The sun is too hot to go out, if you don't have a sea nearby, and you use your little cheeky mind to travel all over the world. Imagine that you are in an exotic island, with blue water, white sand and you hold your favorite cocktail. But if you go somewhere you have to stay in a hotel. You can't be all the time on the road. So we present you the best hotels of 2013 by traveler's choice 2013. We found that on TripAdvisor.
1. Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Ka'upulehu

2. Cape Grace
Cape Town

3. Onyria Marinha Edition Hotel & Thalasso

4. Rudding Park Hotel
5. The Upper House

Are you still thinking about going to work tomorrow?

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