Colour is Fun!

12:45 PM

Colourblocking is a majure trend all year long. And that's mostly cause it can be simple and somehow minimal but fun at the same time. It's something we'd choose both for an everyday look and also for a night out. Because when you're young it's fun to play with colours.

Go for a bold neon colour with a slightly darker one.

Try combining colours drom the same family. Orange looks good with most of the colours and it's one of the basic colourblocking colours most of the times.

Pink looks really great with blue. If you go for a vibrant-coulour look it's better to do it from head to toe.

If you want to play it safe choose a neutral shoe/bag.
At first you could try combining two basic colours. 

Also you could go with pastels witch look amazing especially during the winter.

A really good idea is to use a jacket which has already many different colours and a safer/less loud piece underneath.

Try using accessories  with colours to complete your outfit.

A little bit of texture can make any outfit look more interesting.

And never forget to HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!

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