The BB cream

9:37 PM

What happend suddenly with the BB Creams... Everyone one television, on magazines suggested those creams and at the international websites and bloggers had as a first topic on the beauty columns those creams. Some friends started using those creams. At the begging they didn't know what to buy and time after time the change the brands of the BB Creams. I was asking people that they use those creams to tell me which is the best to buy. I never get up with a result. So, today i went to the beauty shop at i bought the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream.

It says that this gel-based formula enhances skin with 8 benefits in 1. I haven't use it yet but as I've tried it on the shop it seems to be good. I will inform you for the results... 
To make to cream more stable I bought a powder from Maybelline too 24h SuperStay waterproof powder 10 Mory (I bought the 10 Mory because I have a white skin so you can adopt your powder to your skin). I suggest you because it makes the cream more stable, it longer and gives to your face a glow....

The BB Cream costs 9.99E
Visit the site for more information and to see the hole line and colors Maybelline BB Cream

The 24h Superstay waterproof powder costs 13.50E

The powder

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