Crazy about shining

2:10 PM

This fall you've seen Burberry Prorsum collection and we all stamped those beautiful blue electric coats and those little purple shirts... Yes and there were metallic. I think that this collection and runway was just the beginning of something crazy. Many brands design everything you ever imagine with matellic elements. Jeans, coats, clutches, t-shirts, shoes,everything. Of course many street style photographers shoot those clothes and the trend become the must of the season. Lots of magazines combine all the time those kind of clothels and they gave tips "who to wear this today". Fashion editors, bloggers, icons everyone had a piece of metallic on the closets.
Of course is a trend that we follow and we like because it give you the sense of shining and it's make a beautiful contrast especially when you wear and combine deep blue with grey metallic bracelets, maybe a clutch. On the other hand you can wear something colorful and bright and to be the same beautiful as the monochrome.
The top of the trend, i think, is the gold metallic. You can combine it with everything, it's a statement and always in fashion!

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