Roberto Cavalli Presents Psyhotic Love

12:35 PM

What if love could touch the brink of insanity? Roberto Cavalli creates his own version on how he has imagined love could be through his new campaign for this Fall/Winter 2013-2014.

“Psychotic love is the title of the latest campaign of Roberto Cavalli’s, for Fall 2013: a film full of cleverness and sense of humor, directed by his daughter, Rachele and a series of photographs shot by fashion photographer Diego Diaz Marin. The story is about a redhead rebellious woman madly in love, who is in the edge of insanity. Sarcastic and full of madness! The redhead woman decides to run away and start a new life. In the beginning the colors of the pictures are vivid and striking, but then they get darker, underlining the emotional state of her character. The “it” element on this campaign is the Hera bag, where the main character seems that can’t go anywhere without it. Have a look at the new campaign and go crazy in love with a Hera bag, which will be in stores this June.

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