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New York Fashion Week is here, and as it happens each season we will be here with you reporting our favourite shows and giving you all the details of the hits, the misses and the things we need to have up until spring. So dive in, and let the fashion month begin! In case you missed the first few days of NYFW click the link:
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Here we go with Day 7 already. Yes we are also in shock that New York Fashion Week is almost over, but don't you worry! We have 3 more cities to go! London, Milan and Paris are next up, keeping the fashion month up and alive!
The day started with Tory Burch and a mixture of pop-of-colour, materials and different prints together in one outfit. The designer stated that she was in a mood of nostalgia and she wanted to go home. Home is the land of the pastels and re-pumped preppy clothes.
Palepink–trimmed Kelly green cardigan, reinterpreted smoking jackets, flouncy beaded prairie skirts, nautical sweaters, batik-printed twill, and gumball-size pearls. A tribute and ode to the 1960's and making a preppy clothes look cooler!

Following we had Jil Sander Navy who we always trust for wearable pieces. This time the creative director of the brand decided to drew inspiration from French girls whose cool relaxed vibes we are always envious off.
You ask us what we loved in the collection? The candy floss purple and pink and how airy they looked. By airy we like they look comfortable and just with a few pieces we could have a complete collection for spring. Jil Sander Navy got us covered for those spring chilly nights, because knitwear were strong with this collection (we couldn't avoid the Star Wars reference, we apologize). To break off all this sweetness of it, he included tailored looks and also sporty effects with voluminous Bermuda shorts  with utilities pockets,  lightweight and windbreaker denim shirt. To tie everything together, accessories were also part of the collection with painted heels and charm necklaces.

And we are all familiar with the next designer because in one point of our life we have openly or secretly craved/still craving/looking forward to wear a wedding dress of hers. And that's not other than else, Vera Wang ladies and gentlemen. Yes, wedding dresses put her on the spotlight, however that's not the only thing that have kept her there! And he met is simple for us backstage and described her collection as "Black, black, black".
It wasn't all black though. Some sleeves came from brown and navy and as for the length of them? That was the surprising detail with the length extending the wrist and at times also the fingertips. Peplum shorts paired with ripped tanks with an exposed midriff. Sheer georgette skirts and blouses with handcuffs. Basically Vera Wang is going through her dark grunge period. She threw some whites into the mix and some lavish pearl embroideries. Overall, it was something unexpected from her side and we can't say that we totally hate it. Let's see what the future will hold.

In a patriotic palette the next designer presented her Spring'17 collection. That's Gabriel Heast. In July, Lena Dunham wore an off-the-shoulder dress by the designer for the Democratic National Convection. Apart from the similar to the patriotic colours (for the USA natives of course), which are not bad colours for a Spring collection, not bad at all, the designer delivered a very well-executed collection.
Although the designer hasn't been in business for long (only 1,5 years), we came to like her sharpness but at the same time the easy going 9-to-5 or 9-to-midnight convertible-ness they have on them. Like the sky pale blue dress or is it a skirt and a blouse, pictured below. It's known that tailoring and knitting are the two important factors of the brand. Tailoring is shown in the stunning crisp black one shoulder gown, but the knits are not very well pictured but you expect high quality merino wool on them.

And we are going to dreamy Rodarte. Etheral but crafty lace dresses struted down the runway. They used as inspiration the seventies Spanish film "The Spirit of the Beehive". The film celebrates the childlike imagination and as they said "and because we had some many bees in our sunflowers".
You will find all that in the honeycomb laces and pollenlike surface treatments on dresses, some ruffled with Spanish flare.
As the variations of the colours? You will see them coming in black and white, in polka dots, some thread with gold floral. The lenghth was either short or floor length, it doesn't matter because if you ask us, if we could buy all this childlike imagination the collection interpreted we would have done it in a hearbeat! Especially when you get to be a Spaniola wearing them ;) OLE!

Alice + Olivia chose to present their Spring collection into the Parco dei Mostri in Rome. Stacey Bendet found magical the park that is full of frightening sculptures and wanted to turn into a show. Which in the end she did.
Combining the omantic Roman theme in a few ways, referencing both strong, sexy Italian women and feminine, ethereal Botticelli angels. When the name Alice + Olivia appears you expect to see ich with detail and feminine frills: lush beading; textured, floral-embroidered lace, yes it had eveerything. Even a skirt filled with applique butterflies. Monochrome pieces were also present for the girls that are not so daring to reach maximum romanticism. 

We got an invitation to the dark side. To the very dark side. Or the dirty side of a cars graveyard. That was the runway for the Coach 1941.Grunge elements were again all over the place with studs having a central role on the heel of some gorgeous looking leather creepers. Grunge and girl gangs.
Sheerness with printed roses on them, leather jackets and coats that were more embellished than ever, brought an unlike mixture of outerwear ever for the brand. Pictures of Elvis Presley printed into various elements and being an influence in general to the collection can be see in the creepers as well. With all those details and the drop-waisted silhouettes mixing the anarchic scribblings on the petal, the new dresses of the collection are expected to fly of the racks when they are on sale!

And Day 7 concluded with Narciso Rodriguez. Taking out the noise and destraction of the the whole buzz of New York Fashion Week, the designer decided to keep his guest list minimal and rearrange the sits so the models were closer than ever to the attendees of the show. He wanted to bring all the attention back to the clothes and respect that moment.
So we had the opportunity to admire in peace what Rodriguez does best: bias draping, architectural seaming, and, this collection, some unexpected embroideries. We liked the clean cut of his line. brought something refreshing to the eye and we also could pair it with current pieces of the past to create something modern and up-to-date. Most currently loved the metallic dress paired with the coat. Seems like metallics came to stay this season. We are most definitely not complaining about it!

And once again we couldn't leave this post like that without updating you with who sat front row and Rodarte, what happened on the dinner Tory Burch gave and the after-party of again Rodarte! 
See it all below!

Rodarte Front Row:
Yasmin Sewell & Evan Chen, Laura Love

Tory Burch celebratory Dinner:

Rodarte After-Party:

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Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more!

Written by Doxy Pantazi, Chromantics Fashion Editor

Sources: Vogue.com, wwd.com 

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