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New York Fashion Week is here, and as it happens each season we will be here with you reporting our favourite shows and giving you all the details of the hits, the misses and the things we need to have up until spring. So dive in, and let the fashion month begin! In case you missed the first few days of NYFW click the link:

And we are kicking off Day 8 of the New York Fashion, the semi-last day of this Fashion Week (again no worries we still hve 3 cities to go ;) ) with one of the American favourites and true American spirit designer (and ex-Project Runway judge) Michael Kors. What can you say about a runway that had live music? We loved the vibe on the venue with the live band and Rufus Wainwright on the mic, performing for the guests and later for the models walking down the runway.
Then Michael managed to cast for his runway the models-hot-right-now aka Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and an A-list crowd like Sienna Miller.And he did what he is doing best, the perfect mixture between feminine/masculine. The colour palette was rich and juicy with grapefruit pink and lime green. Florals didn't escape the mix and as for the shapes and kind of clothes? He had everything from jumpsuits to nipped-waist little dresses and pant suits as well as trench coats. Political messages tried to mix with fashion in the show but we will keep the groovy vibe and dance to the next designer.

And after we danced away from Kors venue we found ourselves sitting front row at the Delpozo show! At first you mind think "Wait! Isn't that the week that all Pret-a-Porter collections air? Then why i'm seeing something between couture and pret-a-porter?" The logical answer is above. You are sitted on the Delpozo show and that's what the creative directors like to do with their collection. Accept it and enjoy it.
So yeah as eccentric Delpozo might look, making possible for the term pret-a-couture to exist, we have to admit that we do anticipate some extravaganza here and there. And our answers were heard! *Thank the Delpozo gods*. The show itself contained some art inside, because we consider this large and beautifully crafted jewelry hanging or place on the model's ears art and they wore a whole show/exhibition by themselves. Josep Font managed to marry his love for generous. bubble-like volumes with his prior training in architecture. The fabric he used was appropriate for spring with metallic floral jaquard for some pieces and knits and lightweight fabrics. We like and applause his direction!

As much as we would like to look at the earpieces made for te Delpozo show (yes secretly we have already planned out our how we would pair them daytime or evening time), we had to take our awaiting imaginary Uber/taxi ride and rush to the next presentation which was Brooks Brothers. Zac Posen has been deciding for around 3 years for the brand and this time around for the Spring collection he had found his rhythm and direction with it.
With summer destinations as his inspiration, no matter if that was an ocean cliff or a beautiful sunset on the beach. His key pieces of the collection contained a garden-print button-front skirt, an eyelet shirtdress, a nautical-inspired skirt. And he didn't stop there but took care also the working women that are looking to enrich their wardrobe with chic suits, knit twinsets and dresses in shades that calls office appropriate like navy, grey, white. Smart Zac Posen, very smart ;)

Heels on the feet and again we are rushing to another presentation for which we didn't get the memo to dress down a little bit and put our trainers. And our would appreciate the rest (8th day of fashion week remember that). So, a presentation and a basketball game. The designer had a sports for spring in mind either ways.
He hit home run with his tomboy atheltic clothes. We all crave the cozyness of the sweatpants but on the other hand we don't want to look homeless when we are running our errands or we are not quite sure if the era of the velvet Juice Couture sweatpants are back yet (and we don't want to be the first ones bringing back something that is not ready to comeback yet) so we took very kindly the suggestion from Assembly New York!  A silk loungewear pieces and a sexy, striped mesh tank that riffed on a referee uniform we have our eyes on you! Thank you for the unlike suggestion Assembly!

Hugo Boss didn't stop his collection being shown only to the attendees of the show but he decided to share it with the world by Facebook Live with blogger Andrea Torres as one of the hostess. We liked that since our feet were quick tired running from show after show ;). That's not the only thing we liked because we found the monochromatic theme pretty fresh into the eye even though someone can jump right in and say that's not fresh at all.
The colour palette: royal blue, red, green, white, black and nudes. Occasional combinations of the aforementioned colours happened in different ways and fabrics, there were a dress from example that the bodice were blue but the hands and the shoulders area were covered with green look-like net or was that lace?  Throw also floral into the mix for the sake of Spring. Effortless and up-to-date and spirngy. Can you ask for more? (We see the lifted flats Hugo, we see and aprreciate them)

And for all the monochromatic colour we saw in Hugo Boss that looked fresh in the eye and upbeat-ness, we move to Derek Lam where a different kind of monochromatic took place this time in a more calm neutral tones. A few broken brick reds and prints made their way into the collection just enough to break the monotony and tie it all up.
Main inspiration of his collection was Georgia O’Keeffe because as the designer stated "for her personality, style and remarkable career of “taking one thing and looking at it again and again." The colours he borrowed from the palette of New Mexico home. Lam claimed that Spring collections are especially tricky to make since you can't hide under furs and heavy coats but you really have to think about cotton and linen and how to bring the best out of them in a way it feels modern and not something the customers won't find in their wardrobe already. Simple and plain, yet gorgeous to the eye.

Anna Sui it's next. And we are taking a break from the monochromatic theme the previous 2 designers had for us these day and simple yet perfect. Sui had to heavy accessorizing in her pieces and we don't mean that in a bad way. We just mean that there were cowboy hats, jackets, belts, shoes. 
The American designer had a Western rock vibe going on with mixed prints and styling. We just want the pictures to let them speak by itself. She brought another vibe into the spring collections a little unexpected and new! All the American favorite in one collection? Is that even possible?

And now onto our favourite gown or masterpieces designer. That's not other than Marchesa. We always dream that once in our lifetime we will be able to afford at least one spectacular gown of hers. And we hope that this time will come quickly as well.
The show had everything. First of all a palette that fitted a a sunrise or sunset. Lilac, light blue, and blush pink.Happy that they paid homage to Greece with a Grecian one shoulder dress in a shiny gold lame. Yes yes we love them because they believe in more is more for an evening gown and they make us feel like Disney princesses. They don't follow the trends and do what they believe it's right for the brand. We will probably see a lot of their creations walking down the red carpet on Sunda's Emmy Awards. For now, get lost into their and ours fairytale.

Last show of the day that closed into a spectacular way was Ralph Lauren. As wwd.com stated "The designer embraced the Instant Fashion phenomenon with a Western-themed runway extravaganza that shut down Madison Avenue." We can't say anything more that. That's it. Just enjoy it.

But we couldn't let you without the coverage of the after-parties that took place the previous nights. Your high heels or sneakers/creerpers/shoe of choice need to step inside to them. And that's why we headed together with Stuart Vevers of Coach to Soho to celebrate his spring collection for the brand. The setting of the runway followed the Soho venue of the after party and grunge queen Courtney Love was there of course. Hollywood people were there like Chloë Grace Moretz and Emma Roberts that took a break from filming in L.A to attend. Step inside then what are you waiting for?

And some street style inspiration for your outfits straight from the streets of New York

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Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more!

Written by Doxy Pantazi, Chromantics Fashion Editor

Sources: Vogue.com, wwd.com 

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