Spring/Summer Trends 2016

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Just a few days before the madness of NYFW begins, I decided to write a post/reminder about all the spring/summer trends of 2016, before we get all confused! I know that it is a bit early to think about spring, or even summer, but in this industry we always have to be prepared and well informed. So, let's dive in together, to the magical world of all the things that we're going to see and wear the upcoming months. 

Blue Jeans  

Are we back to the 70's or 80's? Yes we are! Total denim outfits will be a thing this spring! Maxi dresses, crop tops, jackets and whatever else you can imagine; And the coolest part is that you can combine different colors or types of denim in order to create more interesting outfits. Accessories are necessary if you want to amp it up, but in case you want to make things edgy, leather is your saviour, or even suede, if you're into the country girl style! Throw some boots on and you're ready to go!


Over the past 2 seasons ,white is a must, all year round. We have seen many designers go for simple yet classic, total winter white outfits. Raf Simmons for Dior added white details on most of his creations, so we can imagine how must is (Again) this season. The reason why we love it is because we can wear it from day till night and from your work place or for your Sunday walks. The only thing you have to change are the accessorize. Prefer more minimalistic looks and be more airy and free this summer. 


Here the girls that are going often to the gym will be so happy and fan of this trend. Off-shoulder dresses and tops are at the top of the trends. It is something that we haven't seen the past years and we really enjoy it, because we can create looks from more athletic outfit as we can see at Proenza's Schouler point of view to a more elegant and sexy outfits as we seen it at Roberto Cavalli spring-summer collection. Whatever we decide we have keep in mind that this outfit need some certain balance. Because of a big exposure on the top try to keep it simple the rest of the outfit!


This spring and summer will be so sexy. Designers want you to revile your sexy, probably hidden part of your character. Transparency effect is something that last season was a must so if you had invest in something good do not even think to through it away. But this season we have a new entry and this is the net. Do I remember you, your darkest moments of 00s? Hmm probably but with trend you can create so sexy outfits without even making an effort! Tops or even mini dressed full of net are here to add a different note at your nights! If can't tell that net is something easy to be worn in the morning, but why not at nights?


Because as Harvey Specter says: Suit Up! And yes, my ladies, this spring we can wear our darkest suits and to be fashionable! But the key to the success is hidden to the details. Through-away your boring white shirt and replace it with net or total transparent tops add scarfs or even orange bomber jackets at the top to create amazing contrasts! Fancy sneakers and sparkle loafers are on the list too! 


These category of trends are for the most romantic creatures in this word. We have lace, plisse, crochet and my favorite sequin! The most dreamy outfits can be created with those 4 spring-summer trends. Even Givenchy decided this year to add a little bit a lace mixed with silk at his creations so why not you? Plisse looks are perfect for your work and your late night drinks at a rooftop of a hotel. As for the sequin, if you want to be always glamorous even in the morning probably this is the trend that you have to follow. 


If you are a Cali girly deep down in your soul this is the time to come out and shout it! The vibes of this trend are coming from California and Hawaii were everything is loose and everyone is happy! Cropped sweaters with hot shorts, small bikinis and tortoise hats are here to bring the summer into the city. Do not be afraid of the bright and mixed colors. They can create an amazing outfit into the middle of summer. On the other hand, don't forget to add some leather details to your daily outfits. We have to understand that floral will never come out of fashion. This year all the kind of flowers reviled to the catwalks. So, pull your last season floral dress and go out! 


One of the top-of-the-town trends! I believe that we will see the for the next couple of years for sure! Strips, combine everything with strips. Do not be afraid of the different colors and the thickness of the strips. This season we want and need them all. But you have to be a little bit careful if you are a vertical or a horizontal, that depend of your body type. On the other hand, we have an old but lovely trend: The pajama one! We saw it last season and we loved it. As the times pasts we see more and more people try it because at the beginning it was a little bit of controversial. 

Comment bellow which was your favorite Spring-Summer trend.

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