Haute Couture Revision: Paris Edition

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This is couture world and today we land in gloomy Paris; take this post like a report of what we have seen till now in all the latest shows. In case you have missed Couture Fashion Week for Fall 2016, you can say that this post is about a revision because today we have all the catwalks, the gossip and the glam of probably the most elegant and expensive week of the fashion calendar. Of course, you have to expect Valentino, Chanel, Dior and all of our favorite fashion brands. So, let's take a look together on what we have seen till now at Paris Couture Fashion Week and what those genius designers made for us (why not ??). 

You can say that Donatella Versace is the classic Donatella Versace; she always searching and creating outfits that represent the best parts of being a woman, whatever this means. This year her couture catwalk was surprisingly different -in a a good way-. Satin details at maxi feminine dresses, oversized coats and jackets at purple or baby pink colors and sparkle wavy mini dresses remind us of a woman from another, great time, who somehow is still so close to us and we may or may not hope that we have the same elegance as her. 

The reason why I admire Schiaparelli is because they succeed to combine art with masterpieces that you can wear every day. Because at this post we are talking about Fall Haute Couture, you can imagine my feelings about this collection. As expected, we want them all but what we noticed about this collection is the classic styles of it: A lines in almost all the pieces, mini sparkle dresses and oversized jackets with a bit of 70's nostalgia. And enough said about those amazing classic suits and the airy cocktail dresses. 

I don't know if I am the only one who's confused with Giambatista Valli fashion shows. I mean every time it seems like we're seeing the same thing. I cannot reclaim that Giamba creates beautiful pieces. I mean we all loved those long, colorful dresses but somehow, everytime we see this technique in a different way. But is this bad? taking consistency and personal style as the main focus areas probably not, but we're still talking about fashion and art here, and they both need to develop. Well, at this collection we saw flower printed dresses, airy cocktail dresses, crop tops and high waisted pants at bright colors, as expected.

Dior, dior, dior me! After the not-so-good spring/summer show with the new designers, here we came to Dior Haute Couture fashion show. M I N I M A L in every aspect. And as you imagine, this is the reason why we loved that show. The style of the dresses -we have to admit-, it's still the same, the color palette is black, white with the addition of some tribal prints. The oversized jackets combined with skirts or those classics suits are something that we need in our closets. The airy, total see-through dresses complete the looks of this fashion show.

What is Paris Couture Week without Chanel. This season, Karl decided to play and to dress winter with his goth vibes. The classics looks of Chanel couldn't be missed from the show. The cropped pants combined with those classic jackets opened the show. We saw that Karl, was so inspired by Coco as he never was before, the classic black and white jacket combined with black skirts and those amazing oversized coats dressed with wool. And of course we cannot miss the jewel-printed dresses in A line form.  

Armani has always a certain aesthetic all these years. The attires are about the woman that is 100% feminine. This year and this Armani Prive collection remind us of a woman at Monaco during the 70's. So, we are talking about a huge 70's nostalgia. Velvet and metallics were the main materials that we saw on the pieces. Airy satin pants, oversized coats and the classic Armani shirt in pastel colors are the "basic" pieces that illustrated this show. What we really loved were the deep V jackets and those amazing black velvet dresses with the deep cuts.

Valentino. What else? I cannot stop watching this show, not only because of the music but also because I need every single one of these creations. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli made their miracle -again- as their last show together before Maria Grazia moves to Dior house. At this show we saw the classic airy, see-though dresses, classic lines with amazing details that remind us of England at the age of Pope Joan and Shakespeare. Cropped tops with high wasted pants, with shirts and the classic mini dress of Valentino were the main pieces of the couture show. 

One more classic brand at Couture fashion week is Ellie Saab. I am not a big fan of this style (as Theo is) but I have to admit that this season I was sooo impressed. Airy cocktail dresses with amazing details, feminine velvet dresses with deep cuts, maxi or mini skirts combined with oversized jackets and those classic suits! This show had everything, but the best part were the details, which are one of the reasons that haute couture week is so special to our hearts!

What are your favourite designers and pieces during this Haute Couture Week?

Written by Nef Petropoulou

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