Beauty Hacks from a Non-Beauty Lover

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                                                                Hello world,

This is the dairy of a non-beauty lover! For a long time now, I wanted to write a post on this subject. I am almost 20 years old and since I was a teenager I wasn't a big fan of make-up and taking care of my skin. The main reason why I choose not to do my make-up every day, was because I was bored of applying and -the worst of all- taking it off after a long day (when the only thing you want to do is go to bed), I am not going to lie to you, sometimes I left all those layers of mascara and bb cream on and I went to bed, even though, I knew that it wasn't doing any good for my eyelashes or my skin. Nevertheless, I was ready to face the consequences when I would get older. Nowadays, for some reason, I am constantly receiving tips about my appearance. Iron your long and curly hair every day you look so different and this style looks so awesome on you, or put some lipstick on your look better with this on. (My only support in this world was Man Repeller. No make up on but still a beauty.) And for all of those who are asking me why I don't put any make up on and my answer is that I love natural beauty, but trust me when I say that, that's all just a terrible lie, which is actually working. So, I decided to write those beauty hacks because even though I don't know how to apply 5 different shades of eyeshadows on my eyes, I have my tricks for the best simple make-up. So continue reading the struggle of a non-beauty lover!

HACK #1: Foundation, do you mean a cultural center? 

I will start with the basic, all those kind of liquid products that are ready to be applied on your beautiful face and hide all those little imperfections that make you look like an actual human. But imagine a non beauty-lover at a drug-store trying to find the perfect shade of foundation. This is too orange or too beige for you, too pale or too dark, and let's face it most of these products make your face feel so heavy, especially when you are wearing it for 6-7 hours. That's why those magic BB and CC creams or even light foundations are here. Those things don't even want a special blender or a brush. So instead of putting tones of heavy liquid foundation, choose on of those creams and you will be just perfect as you were.

HACK #2: Contouring 
If you are an artistic person you can find this technique interesting, huge brushes, nice brown colors and imagine that your face is the canvas. Sorry for ruining it but this is not how this technique is working. We have seen other girls faces, with, probably, the worst contouring in the history of makeup, trying to copy the Kardashian look. Huge, poorly blended, dark brown lines everywhere! Let's face it, it doesn't really matter how many tutorials you'll see on youtube, contouring is a matter of talent, patience and practice! If you're so into it, it's much easier to do it with some of those sticks . The key is not to choose a shade that's too dark, because even if you do something wrong you can always cover it with some blush. Right?

HACK #3: Highlighting
This probably falls at the same category as contouring. It is so hard to succeed, especially when you're a newbie in the beauty word. Where does it go? Beneath the blush or on top of the bronzer? Oh, and the mess is coming again but don't worry. Use as little as possible on top of your cheekbones, drawing a straight line with a blending or a fan brush and you're good to go! 

HACK #4: Eyeliner

As I am writing this post, things are getting more and more difficult. Eyeliner is something that most of as are having trouble with. If you have plenty of time and crafts, you can do the tape-method but imagine yourself before going to work, with two tapes on your face trying to accomplish the best cat-eye look. So, stay with just applying mascara and when you have more free time, practice! At this category of products, I prefer the pen form. It is much easier for you to apply, and it's much less fussy than a gel one! 

HACK #5: The ma-sca-ra

When I am thinking about this product, I'm only thinking of troubles. If you don't know how to apply this kind of thing, I'm here to tell you that you're not alone. I was searching online for some trips about how to apply mascara without looking like a clown; I tried the spoon-technique but as you can imagine, no luck! Things get worse, when your eyelashes are too short or straight, then you need special tools(and I'm obviously not referring to fake eyelashes). But let's be honest, a nice look with the perfect eyelashes is just a miracle, so I prefer mascaras with a plastic, curved brush. It is much easier and your don't need special tools for a succesfull look. Also, don't go for waterproof because it's not that easy to remove it and you'll probably hurt your lashes in the process.

HACK #6: Eyeshadows

Oh Lord! Of course, I need all the NAKED palettes, even though I have literally no idea how to apply them. And yes, I am 20 years old, I don't know how to apply eyeshadows. I wasn't actually a big fan of those because I always prefer a more minimal beauty routine, but sometimes we are in this situation were you have to go somewhere with such a good makeup look. And probably, that's the time where you call an expert! If you are such a looser *like me* at this, just use your finger and a cream eyeshadow, but don't wait expect miracles; The best solution is to leave that field for the masters of beauty, or at least for someone with more experience than you *ahem, everyone*.

HACK #7: Hair products 

I know that I am talking about beauty hacks but hair is a big part of our beauty routine, as well. If your hair are long and curly, just like mine, and you're too busy to iron them every day just pick the best mask or oil treatment from your nearby drugstore. I know sometimes that you can wake up of what is actually the real deal of #Bedhair, an how troubling it is to brush them (we've all been there hun). So, braid your hair the night before, and untangled miracles can happen! 

I know that some of you will totally agree with me and all those beauty hacks are already, or hopefully they will be, a part of your daily routine. On the other hand, the naturally talented beauty experts can continue creating those amazing looks without any comment on your daily struggle because for some girls, makeup is a real pain! We love to live like the Parisians do: with completely bare faces but totally stylish!

What's your favourite beauty hack? Let us know in the comment section below!

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