Sports fans or just sportswear lovers ?

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The last couple of years we saw a massive interest at sportswear not only from people that they have a strong relationship with gymnastics, but from ordinary people, that they have nothing in common with the words "gym" or "athletic" and as you can imagine zero experience with sport gear. We all can admit that bloggers helped a lot, to develop this fashion field to be more known to people that weren't familiar. On the other hand, we saw many designers stepping into this area, by taking a huge risk, and giving us the idea that sportswear can be really cool, fashionable and easy to be worn from morning till noon.

I don't know if you feel the same way with me, but few years ago, if you had those amazing, probably expensive pair of sneakers and you wanted to wear them just for you evening walk, you seemed to be out of fashion or to be characterized by the label of the "Athletic guy/girl". Those kind of opinions seem to belong to the past, because today this outfit is so normal and let’s be honest with each other, we all are so glad that it is! 

The reason is quite simple; there is nothing more comfortable than your new pair of sporty shoes, no matter how expensive they are. And now we are facing a disadvantage of loving sportswear; If you want a normal quality of clothing, you must pay a lot. Because for some reason, sportswear is an expensive way of living. 

But let's focus on the trend that we really love here in Chromantics. As you read from the title of this post the real dilemma here is that are we really want to be as athletic as our outfits seem or we just love to get lost on the huge stores of Nike and Adidas? You might caught yourself dreaming about the new Nike Roshe One shoes or the new Adidas booster sneakers just because of the design. If someone else could see you at your local athletic story, he/she would probably swear that you are the most athletic type in the hole neighborhood or check the website history on your laptop. How many times have you googled, Yeezy shoes or Nike new leggings. But the real consumption is that inside your mind, you hate the idea of sweating in the gym and that is probably the reason why you avoid it (#NOT), or you just love food (#🙌🏻). So that makes definitely a sportswear lover, or not?

Don't hurry up to team up these two groups and think about that; By watching and catching up all the latest trends of athleisure doesn't make us at some point kinda of sports fans? I mean, let’s see the dress that was inspired by NBA that is was created by Tom Ford. Even though you might have no idea what those guys fighting for, you might end up sitting on a Saturday night watching the Knicks with your boyfriend and have an opinion about their performance.

No matter in which team or side you are, the common thing is that you really love the word “sports”, in different ways. Even though the one team just wants to wear everything and feel like Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner after their NYC fast workout and the other that wants to feel and be physically like those ladies. So, be free and choose your side, because the fashion world seems to love sportswear and they are going to keep it as a trend for a long time. 

Hope that you enjoy it! 

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Thank you for reading!

Written by Nefeli Petropoulou, Chromantics Fashion Editor

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