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I am already back in Greece and my feelings are so mixed up! The past week, I spend 8 intensive days at the most beautiful country I have ever been, and if you follow us on Instagram, you know that I am talking about Vienna! The truth is that I have been to Austria before, in Salzburg, but I have never expected that Vienna will be one of the cities that I want to live so badly! The truth is that I wasn't able to walk around Vienna at mornings, because it was an educational trip with my university so the sessions kept us at the Technological University of Vienna, but nights were there for us and Vienna has already on her Christmas decorations! So, follow me to my trip to Vienna... I hope to travel you there with my photos! Don't forget to check @chromantics_blog Instagram account!

The couple first days we were strolling around Vienna. Unlikely, as I said before we weren't able to walk the city in the morning but night walks were rewarding and the best way to finish an intensive day after all these sessions. Christmas spirit was all over the city and the best part were the Christmas markets, which you can find them almost everywhere. You have to taste the local tries and of course the street food on these markets! Even though it was in the middle of November, the city was already in the mood...

Because Vienna is all about sweets and candies and pastries and... Yeah! You have to taste them all, this was one of my favorite candy shops in Vienna. I am talking about the AIDA pastry shop. If you are in love with the pink color, you will stay there forever. I am not going to refer to all these flavors. HEAVEN in your mouth. Miam, miam... 

 What I also loved in Vienna were the shops. The design of them were awesome, minimal with the best artistic details. Sometimes so modern but sometimes you thought that you were at the old Vienna! So here I present you two of my favorite shops. One is about THE MOST DESIGNABLE bikes (the shop was near the TU university), I have ever seen, in my life. And the second one was a shop with a type of contemporary art near Mariahilfer Street which is the second main market street...

 Well as you can see the architecture of the city was magical! All these buildings that you want to live inside for eveeeer, sometimes you think that you are in Paris, the city architecture vibe everywhere the same, so they created an awesome pattern, as you can see in the pictures. Just imagine walking there every morning, well do you need more?! And that is me and Tezenis shop while my friend was trying to find something! 

Do we have to comment something about this photo? I think that we don't have to!

 Merry Christmas from Vienna! All these amazing stuff, mini Santa, christmas balls all you can imagine and you can put on your christmas tree were there. You can find them everywhere at the local markets while you drinking your hot wine !!

 Well that was an unexpected beautiful trip! I wish,I was there as a student or probably moving there. Vienna was so friendly and awesome, I cannot imagine how this city will be in Christmas and at mornings! I am so glad that I was able to visit this city and I hope to do it again (soon). 

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