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Well from the title you understand that the theme of our post is the most beautiful city in Europe! And this is Barcelona. I visited a few weeks ago with my best friend and we had an amazing time.Our adventure starts one Tuesday and the next 6 days probably were the best of my life. With few words, we took a 6 hour boat travel and the directly to the airport and the first destination was Amsterdam. Because of the bad weather conditions, mister at the ticket service changed our plans and the next destination (first stop of our trip) was P A R I S. So, after 3 hours flight, Charles de Gaulle, here I am. This is the moment, were I start to think, this trip couldn't get better, and I was right. After 45' of waiting we are boarding to the next plane and El Prat airport is under us. After almost 20 hours, we finally are at our home at the neighborhood Navas. And this is how our trip to Barcelona starts. 

We were very lucky because the same period we went, the Catholics celebrated their Easter. So, we were able to see and participate in those celebrations. Because in Greece we are Othrodox, watching the "other" side of church celebrating the same thing was pretty awesome. 

This museums is breathing not only about the view and the building the art pieces themselves. It is something that you have to visit if you plan to go to Barcelona!

 Sagrada Familia will leave you speechless. You cannot imagine and believe that what you are watching in front of your eyes is a result of a human.

 A building/hotel at the most beautiful area in Barcelona. Pasaig de Gracia. This neighborhood is probably the best for shopping. If you are walking in those streets, you might think that you are in Paris because of the architecture but guess what... you are in Barca! 

  The view from the museum Art de Catalunya. Sit on those stairs and take some pictures!

Inside of the museum.

 A place next to Ramblas square. Personally, I am in love with those trees so they were the main point of my pictures.

 Kolombos is standing there trying to find America.

 The Marina of Barcelona. If you want to walk it is nice especially the evening. On the other hand, if you are tired, trust me. Just use the metro.

 One of my favorite restaurants in Barcelona. If you are in love with the surf vibes just visit the Surf house. Try pancakes in the morning and burger with potatoes for lunch!

 If you are thirsty you have to taste the juices you will find there. Coconut, strawberries and all the fruits you can imagine....

 Things I loved in Boqueria. Chocolates are of course our favorite!

 Rablas Street

All photos are mine! Thanks for reading.

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