Tartan only for Christmas?

11:10 PM

Officially we are into December and of course we are heading forward to Christmas time! So, for this post I thought to write about a part of fashion that it is so controversial! Sometimes we only remember it, when Christmas arrive or when we think about Scotland or school uniforms. The saddest thing is that with this trend, we can create the best winter outfits, not only for our formal occasions, but also for our cozy daily outfits! So, let's continue about how to style tartan without looking like a Christmas decoration set!

When we think tartan the first thing that comes to our minds is probably the skirt. Have you ever imagined how awesome outfits you can create with our new midi skirt with just one simple step?: Combined it with your white, oversized shirt and your black or blue jacket. And don't be worried about the shoes, boot or heels are just perfect to complete your outfit. But, this kind of skirts are not only allowed to be worn at the office, this skirt is here for your dinners and after drinks on Saturday nights! 
When it comes to coats, tartan is something classic! You don't have to wear the classic red-green tartan print and let's be honest with that, we don't like those kind of colors on coats. Take a look at the suggestions bellow. Grey-blue-black and white with some, probably red details are the best combinations for a tartan coat. It never comes out of fashion and it's like a vintage piece to complete your outfit, especially when it comes with a fur neck or leather details. So, do not be afraid to invest in something good! 

Here comes to cozy, funny part of tartan print. Oversized red, green, blue shirts combined with your favorite pair of ripped jeans or leather leggings, just to add a rock note to your outfit. From day or night, just make sure that the jewels and the make up are in the same vibe with the other outfit. The reason why we love those t-shirts is because, they are here to give a color to our total black outfits and to put us out of the unpleasant situation "I don't have nothing to wear". Pick up your favorite sweater (Sweaters) and your pair of sneakers and you are ready to rock!!!

When it comes to total tartan outfits, we have to say the truth, that we are not huge fans of it. Actually this kind of outfit is more appropriate for a Vogue editorial than to go out just for a coffee or for a professional meeting. Just try to keep it simple and to have to keep it balanced! In case you are not a big fan of wearing tartan clothes, add some details to your monochrome outfits, for example: scarfs, gloves, belts etc etc.

Thanks for reading.

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