Vacation Suitcase Problems

4:56 PM

It is time for us to leave for vacations, our hotel booking is ready, our tickets are ready and the only thing that's left to do is to make our suitcases. Probably the biggest problem of our vacations. If you are leaving for one week things are getting a little bit diffucult. You are thinking: Am I taking lot with me? and If I go there and I don't have what to wear etc... And you know how this story ends. You take as much as you can. 

We will go to an island called Skiathos in Greece, the trip will take about 5 to 6 hours and we'll stay for 5 days. So, the problem is that I cannot have a heavy suitcase or multiple bags with me. So the solution is to take a slightly bigger suitcase that I should probably not overpack.

When it comes to casual clothes such as T-shirts and shorts you have to take a few bits with you because they can work for multiple purposes from day to night. But the issues start when you have to pack everything else.

The shoes

We all know that shoes occupy a lot of space in your suitcase. I know you want to take them all with you but you can't. The ideal is to thinκ what clothes are you going to take with you, where are you going to go at nights and take those which are suitable. For instance I am going to  take a pair of Havainas which I can wear at the sea and in the evening, a pair of high-heels for clubbing nights and a pair of sandals or toms, as well. 

Skirts vs Dresses

And here comes the problem. Which one is more comfortable for my vacations? I prefer to take with me a maxi skirt which I can combine with a crop top. But on the other hand dresses need only jewellery and shoes. So, you can have more space if you take only dresses. This is up you and what you like the most. Another solution is juimpsuits, which are a trend for this season!

 The bags

The bags can take lot of space in you suitcase. What you can do is to take with you sea-bag and just put your evening clutch or your wallet inside. So this way everything will be smartly packed and more organized. In my opinion except from the bag that you will have with you at sea, small, colorful bags and wallets are better in the summertime.

Your makeup bag. You don't need to take with you all the makeup products you own. Summer makeup needs to be fresh, simple and glamorous . So, bring with you your black mascara, a bright (preferably pink) blusher, a bronzer (to complement your tan), a lot of bright summer lipsticks (because a girl needs her options) and an eyeliner (for a cool evening look) and you are done. Try the  no-makeup makeup technique and you will look your best! 

Have nice summer holidaaaaaaays!

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