Chromantics Diaries: Irresistible Winter

12:00 AM

Chapter 1

-It might still be July but it's time to learn about those trends that for the next 5 months will be up. If you don't want to leave your summer dream and you are in your swimming pool, I suppose that you should stop reading because here we are going to talk about fancy coats, skirts, styles, designers and I don't want to add more warmth to your hot summer days. The rest of you who want to be informed, grab your mojito or your fresh juice and continue reading. I am not going to write a big introduction. Of course we are talking about fall trends. So, let's start!-

Dear Winter,

I'm so happy that fashion isn't just about the cool clothes anymore. Designers nowadays keep in mind the problems of every upsated contemporary woman so they keep their creations friendly to their buyers needs. A good example for that are the outwear of this season. Sheepskin coats and capes introduced by Prada and Burberry are ready to brighten up our winter days. They are oversized, comfy and warm, and they also can be worn from day to night; everything that anyone would ask from a coat

And since it's not as easy as it seems to buy various coats each season, I think I might search my wardrobe for the stuff I bought last year because in the outwear section thinks don't seem to alternate much. 

Honestly I'll never understand why puffer coats are back in the high end fashion. Though I have to admit I love the new designs which are quite elegant and minimalistic. Again a trend that, in my opinion, is here to serve every practical woman's needs. Additionally I think it would be super cool to try wearing my mandeau's and trench coats on my shoulders as it's usually done in the street style fashion.   

Who said that during the winter we cannot wear colors or patterns. This year fashion shows prooved the opposide. As I took a look at Dior, Hermes, Burberry Prorsum and Carven and I noticed that colors such as green, blue, purple and pink mix up to create patterns that dominate the catwalks. So, I will dare to wear colors this fall.

Androgyne will always be a trend I'll love; Oversized skirts and coats are here to create the best office outfits of the season. Male influences in women fashion -I think- are here to stay, and as more and more leather details are introduced to ready-to-wear womenswear androgyne style turns out to be one of the most elegant and chic choices even for and evening outfit.

*Chapter 2 coming up next*

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