MFW S/S '15: Day 1

3:08 AM

As days pass we're getting closer to the end of "Fashion Week month" and even though we're really sad we're still here to keep you updated about everything that's taking place on the runway!
So let's talk about Milan!

Stella Jean & Gucci
Stella Jean design's are really one of their kind. Her style even though it tends to be a bit repetitive at times it's really unique. This season we saw it all; colorful prints which combined the different cultural aspects of Jean's origin. We really enjoyed the tomboyish tops mixed with the balloon ladylike skirts, as well as the shoes. Frida Giannini's collection for Gucci was a bit like West-meets-Eastern patterns with a french twist. The denims, mixed with various materials such as suede created perfect 70's looks. It did remind us of older Gucci collection -mostly the cut and the spectrum of  colors- but with a revived essense to it.


Fay & No21

Tomasso Aquilano's and Roberto Rimondi's collection for Fay was what we would call "proper old school sportswear. I'm pretty sure Nasir Mazhar presented a similar collection last week in London, and even though I did like this one better because I found it more wearable I'm not quite sure if it fitted the sense of style of Milan; honestly I would prefer this on the scenery of NYC. With their baggy basketball shorts these designers need to proove that there's space in the high end sportswear market for yet another collection like the one we saw. With No21 things were complicated as well. There was a lot of mix and match going on which I didn't really appreciated. I think it wasn't just about the checkered shirts with the old school florals but there was something wrong about the tailoring too. Anyway, we saw a few really nice clean-cut dresses, khakis with military inpiration the style of which should probably be Del Acqua's call.

Francesco Scognamiglio & Fausto Puglisi

Scognamilio's collection was far from pure but innocent at the same time. His transparent fabrics showed it all but his powdery pastels made everything more romantic and idyllic. The florals complemented by lace and the V-shaped patches on top of see-through organza/tule blouses made this collection more delicate and innocently feminine. Puglisi's show might not have been the best one yet but it was easy to watch as there were quite a lot nice attires walking down the runway. The mix&match of the eras (from the gladiator skirts to the 60's-80's) was smartly put together and the pops of color certainly made everything looking more fresh and updated. Some clothes may have looked a bit too-much or even bulky but I think that the beautiful orange dress with the front zipper and the metallic elements saved the day.

Alberta Feretti
In Alberta Feretti's show Tinkerbell met Pocahondas and all for a good cause. The romantic nude mouselline dresses were transparent but not see-through; the floral accents and the fringed hems were quite 60's inspired bringing us back to times were fashion were a bit more simple yet really classy and fabulous. The suede outfits mixed with denims had us dreaming about old school westerns and childhood movies. Everything was wrapped up with the classic romantic air that Feretti has and we love. It was a really interesting and refreshing show to watch; a good way to end up this day.


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