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Since winter is coming we decided to create a series of posts in order to inform you about all the latest fall trends (I will put the links at the end of this post). As you can imagine,the time came to discuss about bags. Bags are probably one of the most important accessories for a woman. We use them daily, all day long. We need bags from the early morning working hours until noon for cocktail hour after work. So, we kind of need to refresh our bag collection with some new totally fashionable pieces. Continue reading and there's a chance I might introduce you to your ideal bag for this winter.

This year is all about leather. Even though leather is always a classic when it comes to handbags we saw many designers choosing it as a main texture for their designs.  Total monochrome leather bags, and we don't mean only black, with maybe some silver details as big zippers and chains. A classic leather bag was, is and always will be in fashion. So don't be afraid to invest in something expensive. 

Fury bags are again in. If you invested in such a piece last year you should be very happy right now. Just remember last year's bag collection from Fendi and the madness that came after that. Fur was everywhere and apapparently we don't want to forgive this trend! 

Geometrical effects is something new and we saw it on many catwalks this fall. Black and white is the safest and the most expected combination. Dare to wear this print with orange or yellow!

Silver is hear to stay. We had a taste in a few shows the previous years but now we saw total silver metallic bags with logos and big silver chains. We also saw this color used in clutches, backbacks or totes.

 Bag made by wool. Well for starters, this trend reminds me of my childhood when my grandma made for me those kind of bags. So, we cou this could safely assume that this trend will effect not only our bags but our clothes as well. So be prepared for a lot of wool this season. 

Flowers, jewels, colors this year your bag has to have everything on it! Overdo it and you will be a winner this year! 

I will end this post with a trend that we saw and in our previous posts at shoes, clothes etc and this is croc. If you are a fanatic this year is your year. Croc is everywhere and it is also a classic choice. Play with silver or gold details to break the total effect. 

Thank you for reading this post. Comment bellow whar are your favorite bags of the season? Here are the previous posts of this series: 

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