Summer Beauty Essentials

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As we said in our previous post about summer beauty (My Unbreakable Rules of Summer Beauty) makeup during summer should consist of products which are quite light and are heat-proof. In my personal opinion each person can have a quite different way of doing their makeup, especially in the summertime. Depending on your skin type and your region you can choose from a variety of different products and formulas in order to serve your skin's needs (and yours).

So these are a few products (and personal favorites of mine) which I think are necessary during this time of the year as they serve the needs created by the hot weather and they can compliment perfectly a tanned skin.


My  absolutely favourite product for the summertime is BRONZER. It compliments any tan and, when placed correctly, it can work as contouring. My current favourites? Estee Lauder Bronze Godess luminous liquid bronzer (which I think has been repackaged) and Diorskin Nude Tan. I like the consistensy of the liquid one as it's lighter but the colour of this one is quite dark and it has orange undertones so I recommend it only if you're  quite good at blending and/or if you have a darker skin tone.

Next let's talk about BLUSH. In general I don't really enjoy wearing blush in the summertime because my skin is already a bit red from the sun so adding blush can make things tomato-y. However, if I feel like wearing a bit of blush, I always go for vibrant colour like Desert Rose Matte blush by MAC or something like Coralista by Benefit.

Coming up are EYES. First of what you need is a waterproof mascara. I really like those by Maybelline as well as the "They're Real" mascara by Benefit (which is not waterproof but it's a great mascara).


I can tell you which EYESHADOW colours to use as there are so many of them but I can certainly advise you to choose either bronze or bright colours depending on the effect you like to achieve. After a lot of research  I came up 3 (!) palettes which I think are perfect: Charlotte Tilbury's quads in Golden Godess and Glamour Muse and YSL's Bleus Lumiere Palette which is limited edition but has really gorgeous colour.

I left my favourite part for the end. LIPS. There are many choices here as well but since I'm a girly girl I'm going to stick to my pinks: Candy yum yum by MAC, Kate Moss Lasting Colour lipstick by Rimmel in 20 and Dior Addict lip polish in 256

Don't forget leave your summer essentials in your comments below!
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