Fendi's Fontana di Trevi Miracle

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We are still struct by the after daze of Paris Haute Couture shows (Haute Couture Revision) but there is no rest in the fast paced fashion world and here we are witnessing the Fendi's miracle. A miracle that includes models walking on water. And that couldn't be any water, other than the famous Rome's  Fontana di Trevi. There you have it. Rome. Fontana di Trevi. Fendi. Karl Largefeld and his favorite models Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid gracing the runway. Pictures they say, say a thousand world and without further due let's dip our toes and make a fashion wish on the Fendi fountain...

With a rich fur heritage, it would have been a surprise if that element was out of their celebratory 90 years runway. The runway itself served a double purpose after all. Both the celebration of the 90 years of luxury the brand has given us starting from the city of Rome, and also the reopening of Trevi Fountain which was supported by the Fendi foundation.

Drawing inspiration from an illustrator Kay Nielsen, magnificently highlighting what we called together with others a miracle. A modern miracle, where the palette of colours varied from soft nudes and whites, to the midnight blue and deep olive. Taking us far away to princes and princesses in far away castles, enchanting us with the models gliding over the water.

You can't just say that were fur coats because then you will miss the magic of fur incorporated into dresses in a techinque you won't be seeing anywhere else. To quote Bridget Foley from WWD " One fur-laced dress featured 5,000 hand-cut holes; a coat depicting a detailed forest scene, made from tiny individual pieces of mink, took 1,200 hours to construct. "


Sheer gowns, princes, castles and a shadow of nearby witches, Fontana di Trevi and a runway. Would you ask for something more? We wouldn't! But let's hear it from the master himself, Karl Lagerfeld about a famous scene in "La Dolce Vita" and it's on spot for this show as well: “I think this the most interesting happening at the fountain since Anita Ekberg.”

What are your favorite pieces from the Fendi 90 years A/W Couture show?

Photos courtesy of Vogue.com

Written by Doxy Pantazi

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