Packing Guide: Greek Islands

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Summer is officially here and since the most of us are done with their businesses, universities, schools or whatever you do in your daily basis, it is time to pack for our vacation. Since, I am heading to Tinos, next week, I have decided to write a post about a basic packing guide, for all of you that you do not live in Greece, but you are planning to come for a sort-time period, and why not our loved  Greek people that have chosen the Greek islands to spend their vacation time. As you may know, Greece has plenty of beautiful islands, with amazing beaches, villages and of course people. What I really love about those islands is that whenever you decide to go, it is so different, non of our islands are the same, so you never going to get bored in Greece. Of course, the most popular islands are Mykonos, Santorini, Crete but probably the next time you will visit Greece do not hesitate to visit a more "quite" island like Koufonisia, Folegandros, Skopelos. You will not regret it! So, let's start with our packing guide, regardless where you are heading this summer. 

The Beach Style

Well this is the most important thing that you have to take care at your suitcase, because trust me you will be the most of the time at a beach. So, make sure that you will take with you plenty swimsuits that you can change through out the day and of course that the days that you are going to stay there. Here are some of our suggestions. This year we all in love with the knit swimsuits at the most neutral colors and of course the coverup swimsuits at every possible color combination you can imagine. If you are a fan of the floral and the printed swimsuits this year, is your year, wear the fearlessly and enjoy the sea! 

 As, it goes for the beach clothes, prefer airy kaftans or dresses with tribal colors or just simple white ones. On the other hand, if you just not the dress-type-girl high waisted shorts and a simple white top is the ideal. But, the careful, do not take "heavy" clothes with you even if they are for summer. Most of the times, especially at the end of the July and August Greece has heatwaves, so all you want is just something light on you. Here, we have some kaftans and dresses for the beach, because everyone has shorts and tan tops! 

The Beach Accessories

What is beach-life without are favorite accessories and I am not talking about the clothing or the swimsuits. I am talking about all these stuff that they complete our beach outfit and they are so useful for the beach, that we cannot live without them. Number one: flip-flops. Probably the reason why I enjoy summer, you can find them in so many colors and shapes that you can buy a dozen of them. Number two: sunglasses. Do not think to come to Greece, without your favorite pair of sunglasses. The sun here is so sunny that sometimes it is difficult to walk or drive without them. 

Number tree: hat. Don't think that a hat is only for style. Here in Greece, especially when you are a tourist and you walk all the time to explore the beauty of Greece you will def need a huge Panamanian hat. Don't try exploring without it. Number four: the bag. It is very important to fill our your stuff in one bag. Trust me you don't want to curry many stuff when you are heading to the beach. Sometimes, you will have to walk or even hike to reach some beaches.  

The Every-Day Clothing

As it comes to the every-day clothing the key is to combine your beach clothing with your every-day outfits. In that way your suitcase will be lighter and you will be able to combine everything. As I said before, because of the heat, prefer sorts denim or not, light dresses and loose tops. With those pieces of clothing you will be able to wear them at the beach and at your morning/evening walks. As it comes to shoes, prefer sandals or espadrilles. Now you have to think the style of the island that you are going to visit. In case you are searching for some adventure and you are not the beach-type person prefer your comfortable sneakers, on the other hand as we said before flip-flops are just perfect, for almost everything that you will do. 

The Night-Out Clothing

If you just wanna enjoy and have fun without doing something crazy on your vacation, like endless clubbing, then your suitcase will be even lighter. Just keep the shorts, or the dresses but add some extra details like your nice sandals, a nice bag and a little bit of makeup (do not overdo it with makeup girls, especially when the hot nights)!. For just in case, take with your a light sweater, a kimono or a light cardigan because at some islands the wind is so strong that you might need one! On the other hand, if you are a party animal, this is the moment to bring your favorite cocktail dresses, your maxi skirts and your monochrome overalls. I am not sure how you will be able to walk in high-heels in those narrow streets, but if you want it so much and you are experience at those kind of things go for it! 

This was my packing guide for the greek islands. The most important think is to bring with you the best energy and mood that you have because I am 100% that you will have the best time ever! Try to relax and whenever you go try to see and feel 100% the island, the vibe and the people. Don't forget to bring your camera, your suncream (most important) and your best company. Have fun! 

In case you have questions write your comments bellow! 

P.S: All the products can be found on the website of Net-A-Porter and Outnet. This is not a paid post. 

Written by Nef Petropoulou, Chromantics Fashion Editor

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